Big Mouth Presents: My Furry Valentine

Brandon’s Review:

Our favorite cartoon degenerates are back in this Valentine’s Day special to reflect on the trials and tribulations of being a teenager.  The cast of Big Mouth cranks up the crudeness in the hilarious “My Furry Valentine” available now on Netflix.  Just in time for the holiday, this is a great special to sit down and watch either alone or with your significant other and enjoy the filthy sexual jokes surrounded by the holiday.  In fact, this episode is a continuation from Season 2 and acts as bridge to Season 3, so if you haven’t watched the previous 2 seasons of Big Mouth, I recommend you get caught up so you can get some of the jokes.  If you haven’t seen the previous seasons, not to worry, it holds up on its own as a hilarious holiday special.

At the risk of recapping the entire premise of this love-themed two-parter, it’s fair to say that each of the show’s core beloved characters gets a helpful refresh in their respective anxieties. Nick (Nick Kroll) is still trying to get out of the shadow of being a late bloomer. Jessi (Jessi Klein) is still adjusting to life with mom and her new partner. And Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) is still trying to figure out the best way to pleasure inanimate objects.

It is rare for an episode to include all of the characters at once, so there is a lot going on, but the writers of Big Mouth make it seem effortless to tell a great story while maintaining its high level of low-brow sexual humor.  Caution to the prudes, this episode (and show for that matter) isn’t for the faint of heart.  I give the Big Mouth Valentine’s day special a rock hard thumbs up.

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