Drinking With The Maggots – The Buttery Irishman

From Maggot Ryan

We’ve made similar drinks to the Tahoe Float but using Whipped Cream Vodka but that defeats the Tahoe Blue purpose. However, a shot we love that we make on many occasion is the following.

Equal parts:

– Tahoe Blue Vodka
– Butterscotch Schnapps
– Irish Cream

This shot doesn’t have a name that I know of but I guess you could call it the Buttery Irishman. There is a version of this that also has Kahlua called a Buttery Finger which is also pretty tasty. It’s served over ice in a martini glass.


Our resident bartender, Kyle, provides his twists on the drink as follows:

Pour this mix into some Eggnog.

Add a tablespoon of chocolate syrup and 2 oz of heavy whipping cream and blend it to make it similar to a mudslide.

My favorite twist: Add either 0.5 oz of Jack Daniels Tennessee fire, fireball, or Goldschlager  for a hint cinnamon. When you do this it tastes like cinnamon toast crunch the cereal.

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