So Will I

I don’t know about y’all but for me I sometimes lose focus of my source, my source for strength, peace, clarity, wisdom and life. My source has always been God. Anytime I try to life without God, I’m reminded how much harder life is when I do it that way. Having God as the leader of my life doesn’t mean I won’t experience hard times, it means I will get thru them with more strength and peace.

2020 has been a good test of this. I get overwhelmed with emotions and sit too long in anger when I leave God out of my days. The minute I focus on my Faith I feel better. Doesn’t change the reality of 2020 but my mindset changes and its harder to get shaken when I’m buried in God’s word.

One of the things I love is worshipping God thru music..this is one of my favorite versions of the song So Will I….hope this lifts you up as it does for me!

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