I’m a woman so of course I’ve heard of Spanx and have used Spanx! But I never really knew much about the gal who created them other than she created something that really helped each time I had to wear a Bridesmaids dress!! I was looking thru my Instagram thread and Reese Weatherspoon had posted some photos and tagged the Spanx lady which then lead me to clicking on her instagram page and I found this SUPER cool story of her beginnings with Spanx….

Think about how tired you are when you get home from work and how much you don’t want to do more work. But thats exactly what she did, she believed in her dream so much and had a passion for it that she did whatever it took to make it happen. People always wonder whats the difference between them and someone that makes their dreams come true…I think this is one of the really big differences. They are willing to do whatever it takes, being up all night never getting much sleep, missing out on life while they are working on their dream, never making excuses as to why they can’t work on their dream but instead only looking at their obstacles as challenges to overcome.

No matter their background they fight and don’t give up….. the man from Pursuit of Happiness was raising his son while homeless and started working in finance with no experience. Here is a guy with EVERY obstacle in his way  going up against IVY league folks, think about your job right now, now think about doing it homeless without anyone you work with knowing you are homeless. They go home to comfy beds, fridge full of food, toilets and a shower. He didn’t have the basics yet he became a true Rags to Riches story…why because his determination far exceeded him allowing his situation to defeat him. The girl from Homeless to Harvard was a teenager living on the streets because her parents were junkies but she kept her studies up while living on the streets….seriously thats freaking amazing and these are only a few examples.

There are too many stories to count like these. They don’t let their upbringing, where they are from, their childhood tragedies, their socioeconomic background or who the President is determine their fate. They are stronger, fight harder and want it more. Thats the only difference between them and you. Thats what they have on you, if  you are one of those that just dreams but takes zero action….let them all be your inspiration!!!!

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