America’s Got Talent

Its that time of year again!!! AGT Bitches!! Couple of new judges, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough replacing Mel B, whose touring with Spice Girls and Heidi Klum who is working on a show with Tim Gunn and busy dong Germanys Next Top Model…I was hesitant to watch because I loved Mel B and Heidi Klum but they are off doing other things damn it!! And I’ve never been a fan of Juianne Hough always came across as fake to me and too vanilla but I gotta say she is growing on me and seems super sweet and Gabrielle Union has such a great personality so its make the transition for us Mel B and Heidi fans a bit easier!! Terry Crews  is hosting the show now, took over for Tyra Banks and he is just plain awesome!!!

This show each year brings tears to my eyes!! Reminds us why we need to remember our blessings and quit bitching about stupid shit and getting so caught up in our stupid shit. Inspiring contestants touch our souls with their life stories and Kodi Lee does just that! He is blind and Autistic but they hasn’t stopped him from being a freaking  amazing artist! You will be blown away by his audition on AGT…it will give you all the feels and make you realize you need to find the good in your life as well and that no matter your obstacles you can make things happen for yourself!


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