Pain Without Suffering!

I really hope this makes sense to you…..You can have pain, we are talking emotional pain but you don’t need to be suffering!! Life will throw us all kinds of curveballs, pain being one of them…and if you are conditioned to live in an Emotionally toxic home inside yourself, you will turn that pain into suffering.

Needless suffering. Suffering makes the situation worse, doesn’t fix anything at all. Worry and suffering do NOTHING POSITIVE. And everything NEGATIVE. Feel your pain, take time to heal your pain…but don’t turn that pain into suffering.

If you don’t know the difference…emotional pain hurts we may be on our knees crying. Pain has us crying over the situation. Suffering has us thinking there is no way out of the situation and that we will feel this way forever. Suffering offers no hope. Emotional pain acknowledges the hurt but knows in time things will work out.

The following video should help you on your journey to change your toxic emotional home to a healthy one! Enjoy!

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