Closed On Sunday

I have this love/hate thing with the Kardashians. I love to watch their Reality show…its my guilty pleasure! But at the same time, I hate that I like to watch it because sometimes they just get on my nerves lol!! I’ll get bits and pieces of Kanye West on the show, he’s not on a lot but when he is I’m just kind of indifferent to him..now when it comes to him turning his life over to Jesus….I’m just not sure, I buy it and then I don’t.

The only reason I don’t buy it is, is this just to sell music? Some kind of publicity stunt? Only Kanye knows for sure,  I don’t know his heart. The part of me that gives it some credit is I know how much a person can change by turning their life over to Jesus. I also know how everyone will judge a person for all the wrongs they did before they turned their life over to Christ (which folks are doing with Kanye) which by the way you still do wrong things when you are Christian,.being a believer doesn’t mean you are without sin, it means you have Christ to help you thru it and to navigate it way better than the world would have you do so…

What I do know is there are some people being transformed with Kanye’s gospel music and church. So whether Kanye is genuine or not doesn’t matter. Its like when someone gives a lot of money to charity simply for the ride off, who cares the charity still benefited by getting the money. So hey if one or more folks are turning their lives over to Christ because they were inspired by Kanye’s music, the outcome is they now have made their life Christ filled and when that happens we aren’t worshipping an artist we are worshipping Christ…and thats a good thing in my book!

If you haven’t seen it yet this is video for his song Closed On Sunday. Kind of a biblical in the desert theme…

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