You Go Pink!

I have always liked Pink, she’s a strong woman. She doesn’t conform to the ideals of the body we tell famous women they have to have and she just has that ‘I don’t give a fuck what you think of me I’m gonna do me attitude!” Love that!!

I didn’t see the MTV VMA Awards show but I saw the speech Pink made at that awards show to her daughter and its everything!! It makes me SO happy that one less little girl will grow up thinking she has to look like a Barbie doll to have value.

Yes it’s one thing to be healthy and it’s a whole other thing to obsess about your body size and what your face looks like. Remember girls, health comes in all shapes and beauty comes in all forms. Not just the shape and form of a freaking Barbie doll. There is WAY more to life than what you look like, and for sure NO ONE should have such influence over you that you would change how you look for them. You do YOU. And those that truly love you will be there and that’s what matters.


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