Lane Bryant…Yep I shopped there!!!!

This Summer I finally said NO MORE!! No more wearing jeans in the Summer because my legs aren’t as perfect as they used to be…I said to myself “really Dawn STOP the madness of wearing jeans when it’s a million degrees outside because your legs aren’t free of cellulite anymore and they aren’t as in shape as they used to be”…. WHO CARES!! Slap on some shorts and let those puppies breathe!!!

I then took it one step further and found myself shopping at a Lane Bryant for said shorts. No big deal right? Well for me it was a MASSIVE dealio. Not because I’m Lane Bryant size these days I’ve embraced where my body is today. But that I actually shopped there in person. You see for me, a girl whose had eating disorders since I was 7 years old the thought of having to shop at a Plus Size store was horrifying to me.

Way back when before I healed from having a poor body image of myself being plus size was terrifying and I did everything imaginable to not ever become a plus size. The humorous thing about life is now I am plus size and I am more comfortable in my body than I’ve ever been. Not because I’m plus size but because I learned to love ME and realize and understand that my body size DOES NOT define who I am as a person. Regardless of what the scale says or what size I wear I am still ME.

Repeat after me girls….”the size of my body DOES NOT decide my self worth’…say it again and again and again until it sinks in and you truly believe it. Who you are as a person, your personality your values, your heart , soul and mind is who you are, not a body size not what you weigh. That’s just your size and your weight which has NOTHING to do with WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON.

Does that mean we should then put ourselves at risk for certain diseases caused by obesity? Of course not. What it does mean is you can still love who you are as a person embracing where your body is at the present time WHILE you are trying to get healthy. You DON’T wait until you are a certain size or weight to then love yourself. Learn to love yourself NOW, regardless of your size.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE quit allowing others to make you feel less than because you aren’t a certain size or weight. What is it that I always say about that? If someone has a problem with my size, that’s THEIR problem, I don’t allow it to become mine.

Okay so back to the trip to Lane Bryant!! Lol! Man it felt SO good to walk right in there and not care one bit that I was there or that someone saw me there or that someone saw me with a Lane Bryant shopping bag….whoooooooooo cares!! I know I didn’t and holy shit that was incredibly freeing!

I ended up not finding any shorts I liked there, they just weren’t my style but I did find some SUPER cute pajama short sets…I looove me some pajamas, I have a bit of a pajama shopping problem!! check em out they are adorbs! (that just made all my nieces cringe me using the term adorbs lol!!)

I wish each of you strength, peace and joy with your individual journeys..

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