Rob’s Soapbox

Mis-Understanding Patriotism

May 10, 2015

Jamie Foxx is a pile of human garbage who should be ostracized from our entire zeitgeist. He won’t be, of […]

Chill Out

May 3, 2015

When speech is punished, it has a chilling effect. That’s the design of the punishment; if you choose to speak […]

Subjective Truth

April 26, 2015

At least someone has finally said aloud what we’ve known for years now while observing the complete moral decay of […]

One Decision

April 19, 2015

Last week we discussed, as it relates to the Planet Earth, the insignificance of man. This remains true in the […]

The Greatest Hoax Ever

April 12, 2015

If history is an honest broker of the truth, there will someday be written a tome which expresses definitively that […]

Solving Problems That Don’t Exist

March 29, 2015

It’s what we do; there is almost nothing more American than over-reacting to a non-existent problem, throwing billions of dollars […]