Episode 99 – RAD Prodcast

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Debunking a viral gender reveal video.  A woman was filmed farting out blue powder in a fake gender reveal party with the intention to make their video go viral.  While they faked the gender reveal for the pursuit to make their video go viral, rendering it an illegitimate viral video (in our opinion), it promotes a healthy conversation on farts and why they make us laugh.

The 100th episode brings with it new Prodwear in the Maggot Mall, powered by Black Dog Graphix.   Brandon teases the new products including graphics, slogans, styles and stickers!

Finally, Brandon reads an email from a listener who is a follower of Christ, leans more towards skepticism in the “mumbo and jumbo” but reacted empathically to one of the previous episodes of the Prodcast, he had to share his experience.  This listener taps into the negativity Brandon has been dealing with and promotes forgiveness.  Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves.
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