Episode 95 – RAD Prodcast – Union Hotel Paranormal Investigation

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The RAD Prodcast crew teams up with Melissa, Brent & Wendy from S.P.I.R.I.T. for a paranormal investigation of the Union Hotel in Old Sacramento. This location is rich in history surrounding the development of Sacramento and this hotel has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times since the 1800s. While this building is considered “Lady Luck” there is a lot of residual darkness surrounding the traumatic experiences that occurred in and around this historic hotel.

A special thanks goes to Casey from Preservation Ghost Hunts for helping us gain access to this historically significant building. Another special thanks goes to Akash, the owner of this crown jewel of Sacramento who is restoring this wonderful space and infusing it with a fresh new energy and love. This location will be enjoyable for many in the years to come.

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