episode 87 rad prodcast

Episode 87 – RAD Prodcast – Tool Unboxing, Celeb Sex In Real Life, Parents Vs Non-Parents & Open Relationship

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As many of you know, Brandon is a huge TOOL fan! The Alex Grey autographed deluxe edition of the new album, Fear Inoculum, arrived just in time for this episode and Brandon un-boxes it for the first time on the prodcast. It’s more interesting than you think, with an immersive package, it’s like a kid on Christmas morning. The excitement is growing for the IT Chapter 2 private screening on Thursday night, which leads to a discussion about hot redheads in Hollywood, and imagining what celebrities are really like in bed. Can you tell just how good or bad a celebrity is at sex just by looking at them? A prodhead wants to know how to start a podcast, and his subject is on going to public places as a parent vs. a non-parent and being judged for not having kids at certain places. This listener will learn it is not as easy as it sounds to start up a podcast. Finally, the Brandons help a listener who wants to open up their relationship to a 3rd person for a threesome.

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