Episode 83 - Prodcast

Episode 83 – RAD Prodcast – Damon Industries & The Happiest Hour

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This week, Brandon visits Josh Damon of Damon Industries in Sparks, NV.  Who is Josh and what is Damon Industries?  Josh has a relationship with the RAD Show that goes way back, and Damon Industries is responsible for making all of the RAD food products, including the RAD Bloody Mary Mix, RAD Espresso BBQ Sauce, RAD Pickle Juice and the world famous RAD Turkey Brine.  Damon Industries is a family owned and operated business and they have been running strong for three generations.  Learn all about how Josh got involved with the RAD Radio show, the connection Josh has with Tahoe Blue Vodka and another venture that Josh is involved with called The Happiest Hour.  The Happiest Hour is a new project combining drinks and cocktail mixers infused with THC and CBD!   To learn more about The Happiest Hour, Josh takes Brandon on a tour of Nevada Botanical Science and Trichomic facilities to see how The Happiest Hour is made!

Find out more about The Happiest Hour by following them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehappiesthour/

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