Episode 74 – RAD Prodcast – Spiritual Skeptics, Podcast Suggestions & Kratom Addiction

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Following last week’s paranormal investigation of Dyer Lane, Brandon explores other ideas for future investigations and addresses being a skeptic before meeting Sac SPIRIT (www.sacspirit.com) and Sierra Podva (www.sierrapodva.com). A listener wants to know if hypnotherapy might help with depression so they can stop using anti-depressants.

Brandon starts counting how many times he uses a specific crutch word while explaining why never goes back to listen to any episodes of the Prodcast after posting it. Listener Brian wants podcast suggestions: Joe Rogan, Mysterious Universe, Russell Brand.

Finally, an anonymous listener needs some advice as she is dealing with a husband who has lost his motivation and is struggling with using a supplement called Kratom that ultimately helped him get off pain medication. What is kratom and what are the pros and cons? If taken in excess in can cause the symptoms the husband is dealing with.

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