The RAD Prodcast

Episode 44 – RAD Prodcast – Interview With Friend Nathan & Dr Prod – Poly Relationship Advice, Alcohol Abuse & Being Socially Bisexual

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During the last camping trip with the dogs for the season, Mr. & Mrs. Brandon interview their friend Nathan about his rare genetic disorder and how it has impacted his life. This leads to a discussion about being your own advocate in health care and the pros and cons of dealing with such a rare disease and how it may give perspective on how to deal with a problem of your own.

Catching up on some Dr. Prod letters, there is help for a woman who is in a poly relationship with a man and a woman and the triad is having trouble due to the man seeing someone else outside of the group. It’s complicated, but there is help. Another letter dives deep into alcohol abuse within a relationship. This mother wants to choose being a mother over drinking, but her husband does not support her sobriety. Finally, a young man who recently came out as bisexual is nervous about bringing his same sex partner around his family and friends, despite being accepted by them all for who he is.

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