The RAD Prodcast

Episode 19 – RAD Prodcast – 03.13.18

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ROBOTS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!! Amanda & Brandon talk about what the future may look like if robots take over the world. From taking over our computers and phones to crypto-currency. Grab your tin-foil hats, kids! It’s conspiracy time.

Dream analysis for a listener who has recurring dreams of falling, specifically driving a car off of a cliff. The producers think it’s stress and lack of control in the waking life.

Brandon discusses fitness inspiration after his first visit to a chiropractor after throwing his back out during his most recent move.

Amanda throws a birthday party for her Padawan’s 7th birthday and has to discipline him in front of the whole party. Brandon proposes that we use mimes to mock our bad behavior in public to rid society of rudeness.

Amanda also admits to shaming the very graphic true-crime podcast “Sword & Scale” before giving it a chance.

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