Episode 163 – RAD Prodcast – Sexology with Lindsey from Sac In The Sheets

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Brando interviews a sex blogger and aspiring Sexologist, Lindsey, and they discuss subjects ranging from the taboo, the disgusting, the uncomfortable, and the natural as it relates to sex and our society. Lindsey’s blog at provides resources, education, information and a place to discuss what no one wants to talk about… sex! Topics like cleaning sex toys, “leaky” vaginas, inclusive language like “vagina owners” and “penis owners”, as well as how to bring up/discuss kinks with new sexual partners. Also, in the wake of the “Pride Cereal Box” debate, they touch on how to discuss sex with younger generations without stigmatizing or downplaying the seriousness at which it should be discussed (with trusted adults/parents/guardians of course). Additionally, Brando reveals instances of sexual abuse as adolescents and a listener of the Prodcast with a similar story asks for advice on how to navigate the topic of discussion of sexual exploration vs abuse with family members. Also, Brando learns of a new internet trend, Drag Queens reacting to pornography. All this and more in this week’s episode of the RAD Prodcast.

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