Episode 159 – RAD Prodcast – Feel Old Yet & The First Dance

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This week, I take a trip down memory lane and tap into the geriatric millennial wormhole. Want to feel old? Guess what?! Y2K kids can now drink alcohol in the US, the Quarter-Pounder turns 50 and The Oregon Trail turns 50, and we are closer to in time to 2050 than we are to the 80s… Great Scott!!!

With the world opening back up, and wedding season creeping up on us, David and his fiancé are seeking suggestions for the first dance at their wedding from the RAD Prodcast group. I am no help with suggestions like Closer by Nine Inch Nails and F*** Her Gently by Tenacious D, but other Prodheads have some great suggestions and other gems that you may consider adding to your every day playlist!

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