Episode 155 – RAD Prodcast – This Is Sparta with Shawheen Khorshidian

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Thank you for tuning in to the RAD Prodcast, Episode 155! Next week is Spring Break, and while you’ll be without a fresh episode of the Prodcast for another week, I wanted to leave off on a positive, uplifting note in this episode.

If you’ve been following along with the Prodcast in 2021, you’re aware of the life changes that I have been going through. While divorce, separation and mindfulness of mental health have been a major focus, it has created an open forum of truth. Your truth. My truth. Being able to live in truth has granted access to some amazing connections, encounters and new friendships to occur (as well as fostering relationships with old friends). What’s more is that my situation seems to be resonating with so many people who are either going through similar circumstances or have gone through them in the past. I’m getting all of your messages and emails, and I am eternally grateful for the outpouring of love and support. You all play a role in the healing I am going through now. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

It is rare when you meet someone whom you hit it off, right away. Almost like you have known this person in a past life. This very thing happened to me recently, and the individual and the chance meeting at a dog park ended up being instrumental in reminding me that we are all worthy of friendship with good people who want nothing more than to share their energy with you. This individual is a graphic artist, co-host of a brand new podcast centered around astrology, spiritual pioneer, an all around beautiful soul, and owner of an adorable Basenji puppy named BB. Introducing a perfect stranger, Shawheen Khorshidian.

If this pandemic has taught me one thing, it is that you are not immune to losing your social skills due to lack of human interaction. I decided to subject Shawheen to being a guest on the Prodcast as part of our first conversation after meeting at a dog park weeks ago. Witness how graceful Shawheen is as I struggle to maintain focus due to my awkwardness.

Listen to Shawheen’s podcast Reality Woo Woo

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