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Episode 141 – RAD Prodcast – Healthier Mentals For Men & InkOffMe Interview – Hate Tattoos Be Gone

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In this week’s episode, Producer Brandon addresses mental health awareness month.  Can we tie the annual growing of mustaches tradition (raising awareness of men’s physical health issues) to include mental health? Self care for women is everywhere – face masks, tea and journaling, calling a girlfriend, etc… but what can self-care look like for men?  Brandon gives a rundown on 5 self-care ideas for the “modern man.”

The featured interview in this episode highlights a man named Cody.  Cody went from using drugs, being incarcerated to turning his life around and becoming a successful business owner.  During his time in prison, in a case of “eat or be eaten,”  Cody had to align himself with a certain group, and received several hate tattoos in order to survive while serving time.  Enter InkOff.Me!  Barb and Jammi from InkOff.Me also join in on the interview to discuss their experiences with removing gang related and hate related tattoos.  Thanks to InkOff.Me, Cody is receiving a clean slate and can put his past behind him for good.

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