The RAD Prodcast

Episode 14 – RAD Prodcast – 02.06.18

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Sobriety Check In: tricks to curb the cravings like making mocktails. Brandon admits that cravings get worse in stressful situations, but finds that working out and weening off marijuana is helping with the cravings.

Movie Review Discussion: Amanda goes deeper into “The Shape Of Water” and Brandon talks about the National Lampoon biopic “A Futile And Stupid Gesture”. They also talk about the great actor Michael Shannon and the movie “Elvis & Nixon” – a movie with Kevin Spacey.

Prodmail includes a letter from a listener who recently lost their mother, and has used the Prodcast to find closure. Another listener asks for advice for dealing with anxiety after being diagnosed with EBV. They also help a guy who wants to know if he’s normal for wanting to be dominant and be dominated at the same time in the bedroom. Brandon & Amanda close out the prodcast with suggestions for true crime podcasts to binge… after this one of course.

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