Episode 118 – RAD Prodcast – Brando & The Prodheads – Lean On Me (Cover)

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In my opinion, Bill Withers’ song “Lean On Me” means that it is okay to be weak while leaning to others in times of need. it is okay to trust others with your sorrow. It is okay to let your guard down and let your friends catch you. This song means that sometimes we cannot endure it alone and it is okay to lean on other people.

A huge thank you to all of the “Prodheads” and supporters that made this collaboration possible. It was humbling to get such a great response and your talents are a true inspiration. In these difficult times, one thing is for sure, music can heal, bring us together and help us find our way back to ourselves.

Special thanks to the following for their contributions:

Megan Slater & Brian O’Donnell – Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, French Horn, Backup Vocals and Claps

Josh Damon – Mt Rose Drinks, Sparks NV – Drums

Kim and Laurie Coffroth – Bass, Drums, Keys, Strings, Vocals

Katie Bullock – Vocals

Airel Scheidt – Piano, Flute

Jammi from InkOffMe – (Will be featured in the Music Video to follow in the coming weeks.)

Andrea and Tara from Waggin Tails Doggy Day Care – Vocals, with special guest Harry the wirehaired Dachschund

Jeff Perkins – Bass

Matt Emard – Vocals

Nolan Cromwell – Vocals

Laura Sestito – Vocals

Monik Vega – Vocals

Carissa Hammond – Vocals

Alicia Woodworth – Vocals

Katelyn Gilbert – Vocals

My wife Hailey- Vocals

And finally, thank you to Rob & Dawn for allowing me, through RAD Radio, to share our talent with the world.

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