Episode 115 – RAD Prodcast – Interview with Paranormal Investigator Melissa from SPIRIT

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Hello Pod Squad! It’s collaboration time once again. I’m seeking musicians/singers who would like to take part in covering “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. Along with recording the audio of your talent, I’m also looking for those interested in taking part in a music video. Let’s have some fun and remind each other that we are all here for one another. Music can be so healing during these uncertain times. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] and I will provide specifics on how you can get involved.

This week’s interview features Melissa from Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigation Team (aka SPIRIT) and we discuss the reactions we humans are having during this unprecedented pandemic.  SPIRIT has also been affected by the coronavirus and discusses what her team of paranormal investigators has handled the situation.  Magic, spiritual activity, faith, higher dimensions and demons are all touched on as well.  Enjoy this week’s episode and we hope it provides some moments of levity during these uncertain times.


As mentioned in this week’s episode, here is a list of resources that you might find useful should you be seeking any guidance.


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Mind, Body & Soul


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Blossom And Rise


WellBEing Resource


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Strength In Sensitivity with Dr Kelly Rae Brown


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