Episode 102 – RAD Prodcast – Holiday Vacation Recap & Christmas In Oahu

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The Brandons recap the 3 week holiday vacation and Christmas in Oahu.

  • Mrs Brandon goes on a ride along with RAD chief of security, Officer Pat
  • A trip for dinner with friends in snowy South Lake Tahoe
  • 24 hours later, arrive in Oahu on Christmas Eve.
  • Tropical storm like weather on Christmas Day.
  • Brandon has a newfound love for rangoons!
  • Christmas dinner at the Top Of Waikiki, a rotating restaurant overlooking the island.
  • The Brandons stay at a plantation style house with a private beach, hosted by Oahu Dave and his family.
  • Brandon’s first sailing trip around the island and snorkeling at Electric Beach.
  • Fireworks could be heard every night on the island leading up to New Years Eve.
  • Entertainment reviews for The Witcher, Lost In Space Season 2, Letterkenny Season 8

For our annual holiday vacation, we had 3 glorious weeks to enjoy the fruits of our labor at the end of the year.  Thank you, Rob!  This year, my wife and I spent the week of Christmas Eve to New Years Eve in Oahu in Ewa Beach.  Our host at Ewa Sands, Oahu Dave, just so happens to be a huge (not fat) fan and loyal maggot of the RAD show for 20+ years!  Dave and his family have multiple homes in Oahu that provide a unique, local experience for visitors to the island!  If you’re interested in learning more about these beautiful properties, including the plantation style house that we were lucky enough to call home for a week, email us at [email protected] and I will get you in touch with Oahu Dave!  We ate a lot of great food, spent most of out time on beautiful beaches, bathing in the sun (nude most of the time), and finally came home to pick up two brand new bengal kittens.  That brings the current count of the Brandon Zoo to 2 dogs and 6 cats.  Want one?  They come with food and toys!  Take one!  Just kidding… Enjoy the photos!


Check out this time lapse video we captured that shows the view from our table.


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