Episode 17 – RAD pROBcast – Shelby Elias

Shelby Elias from joins me in one of the most inspiring, motivating, and brutally honest pROBcasts yet. We discuss the secrets and keys to both of our successful lives, (personal and professional), and talk about the importance of relationships as it relates to success. We explore the things that hold people back from their dreams and the ways people can, right now, begin working towards them. Along the way, we learn about Shelby’s childhood, why he doesn’t have a refrigerator, why he posts pictures of his jet, the role his faith plays in his life, and there’s even an emotional moment when he opens up about how his phone gets in the way of his life at times. Shelby even turns us on to two easy, do-it-right-now ideas that could catapult people towards financial success.

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