Wonderful Life


August 7, 2022

I just love watching videos of people that are not just good at what they do, but GREAT! This right […]

10 Bad Ass Quotes For Women!!!

July 31, 2022

No matter your age or where you are in your journey of womanhood….you will and can be all these quotes!!!

Yassss!! Mel Robbins Yasss!

July 24, 2022

We are our own worst enemy and more times than not the very reason we aren’t accomplishing whatever it is […]

Rob’s Soapbox, SO glad he went there!!!

July 17, 2022

Sunday afternoon I get home after running errands and it taking a lot longer than I thought it would..and I […]

Just Breathe!

July 10, 2022

I choose to just breathe!  With so much uncertainty and division these days it can really bog a person down. Regardless […]

Chris Pratt & His Son

June 12, 2022

While the new Jurassic movie doesn’t look so good, this video is hilarious!! This is from Chris Pratt and the […]