Rob’s Soapbox, SO glad he went there!!!

Sunday afternoon I get home after running errands and it taking a lot longer than I thought it would..and I need to get my workout in for the day but I still haven’t done my Wonderful Life update…I think well I’ll work out get it out of the way and then get to the Wonderful Life..
Boy am I glad I waited!! As I went to workout I listen to and read Rob’s soapbox for this week https://radradio.com/robs-soapbox/yup-im-going-there/
And I am shaking my head in so much agreement, Rob is completely speaking my thoughts on this…and how can that be I mean he’s a man and they can’t possibly have thoughts on this issue…insert eye roll here…total sarcasm people lol!!
Rob hit on everything that has been bugging me when I think about this issue.
First off, my personal beliefs on abortion are irrelevant because I DO want each woman to be able to have the CHOICE to have an abortion or not have one. It isn’t my place to decide that, its individual and personal. I’m an American so I like us all to have Choice and Freedom!
With that said, I also want us to be honest. You absolutely should have the right to choose to have an abortion. While at the same time accepting the fact that you are getting rid of a life. period. period. period.
This isn’t based in religion, its based in biology, science. period. Everyone has this argument of when life begins…its irrelevant. It’s irrelevant because at any point that you are stopping the pregnancy you are killing what human would have existed outside of your womb.
Rob would not exist if his Mom had aborted him. I would not exist if my Mom had aborted me.. We weren’t going to show up in someone else’s womb after being aborted. Our growth process would have cease to exist the minute that abortion happened.
Anyone who has more than one child can see how different their children are thats because each sperm and egg are specific to the human it will make. Otherwise we’d all be clones for Petes sake!
Thats the first thing Rob hit on that I was like high five yes yes and yes. The other thing was this disturbing trend I started to notice…Abortion for far too many has become a form of birth control. A safety net. We have truly hit rock bottom. We really don’t understand that having sex creates life and then we are shocked when we become pregnant, even tho we did the very thing that makes you pregnant!
There are only a few ways to make sure you don’t get pregnant. Anal. Get fixed, Or don’t have any sex at all. See its that last one that really gets people mad, they say okay thats not realistic. You are right it isn’t realistic, most of us want to have sex… but it also doesn’t mean as a society we move closer to using abortion as birth control just so you can have an orgasm. Grow up.
There were two more things not mentioned by Rob in his soapbox that as a Woman has really made my blood boil….
First one is, hearing and reading so many people say “oh my gosh poor women these days they have less rights than their mother had, than their grandmother had…are you freaking kidding me. How the hell do you say that? Oh I know you have ZERO clue of all the things women didn’t have rights to. Open a gosh dang history book would ya. I appreciate all the women going way back in our history that fought for EVERYTHING us American women have the right to do or be these days. Good grief that one is just truly embarrassing, and clearly shows how spoiled some of you are that take for granted something as small as being able to have a bank account or credit card. Just in case you didn’t know that was something we didn’t have a right to have. And It wasn’t until the 90’s that domestic violence against women was considered a crime..  Come on please don’t scream you are for women and then think we have less rights today…ugh.
Lastly as a Woman the other thing that is making my blood boil is the NON telling of the other side. Story after story of women saying if a woman has to have a child before she’s ready her life will be over….WHAT, HUH. WOW.
Yes I do acknowledge that does happen. You know what else happens. Numerous women who find themselves pregnant and they have all the odds against them and yet they not only survive they thrive. In spite of them being a Mom before they were ready to do so before they had the resources, or support find themselves succeeding in life. Happens all.the.time.
Was it easy for them. Hell no. Was it the biggest struggle of their life, yes. Did their life get put on hold for a bit or they needed to find new dreams, yes. And we don’t praise those women now apparently. We’d rather talk about how a woman won’t be able to live the life she wants and do the things she wants and that her life is basically over.
What is going on. What has happened to us.
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