Review: Devs (FX/Hulu)

March 15, 2020

Brandon’s Review:  At first glance of the previews for the new show Devs on FX (also available on Hulu), I […]

Episode 91: Interview with Brent from S.P.I.R.I.T.

October 1, 2019

Interview with Brent from S.P.I.R.I.T. ( – Brandon and Brent discuss how Brent got into the paranormal including stories from Brent’s […]

Episode 81 – RAD Prodcast – Storming Area 51 & Amazon Warehouse Jobs

July 16, 2019

More than a million Facebook users have signed up for a fake event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop […]

Video: Nerd News – Leaky Black Holes & Lightning Bolts

June 6, 2019

Video: Nerd Wars – Star Wars Vs Star Trek

January 17, 2019

The Traveler From Outer Space

June 6, 2018

Is time travel possible? Let’s find out from an actual time traveler.