Video: Take Me Home Country Roads – “Road Trip” Music Video

July 16, 2020

Episode 122 – RAD Prodcast – Navigating Toward The Positive & The Joy Mix Tape

June 9, 2020

In this week’s episode, Brandon opens up about the individual battles we are going through during these times of violence, […]

Episode 119 – RAD Prodcast – My Hero

May 5, 2020

Who would you say is your hero? This week, Producer Brandon reflects on how heroic music can be during times […]

Episode 118 – RAD Prodcast – Brando & The Prodheads – Lean On Me (Cover)

April 29, 2020

In my opinion, Bill Withers’ song “Lean On Me” means that it is okay to be weak while leaning to […]

Episode 112 – RAD Prodcast – Three Little Birds

March 24, 2020

In this week’s episode, Charlie from Black Dog Graphix shares a song that was produced by his father called “Chuck […]

Episode 108 – RAD Prodcast – Road To Sobriety, Entertainment News, Collective Chaos

February 19, 2020

Road To Sobriety – A check in on alcohol abuse, after a caller named Amanda asked for advice on how […]