You Just Have To Accept It

Major League Baseball player Max Scherzer, asked about the upcoming pandemic-shortened season, summed up perfectly the direction America is heading when he said “you just have to accept it… If this is the way it’s gonna be, it’s the way it’s gonna be.”

Welcome to our “new normal;” where Americans sheepishly and cowardly shrug their shoulders, ask no questions, apply no critical thinking and adopt a “welp, I guess we’ll just have to live this way,” attitude.

In true 2020 fashion, we get exponentially more stupid and disappointing by the day. On the day California was, for all intents and purposes, shut down for a second time, 6,485 people with coronavirus were hospitalized. COVID-19 patients accounted for 9% of all occupied hospitals beds in the state. NINE percent, and yet we’re further destroying the 5th biggest economy in the world. In both Texas and Florida, the percentages of Covid patients in hospital remain below 15%; the reasons hospitals are full is because people are returning for long overdue and needed treatments and surgeries for all things NOT related to Covid. But we collectively shrug our shoulders, ask no questions, apply no critical thinking and say “welp, I guess we’ll just have to live this way.”

So restaurants, bars and theaters are closed statewide, while churches, malls, barber shops etc. are closed in 30 counties, comprising more than 80% of California citizens. How long will such closures last? Presumably until the spread of the virus can be slowed, and people will once again be allowed to resume some kind of social and business life. That, in turn, will lead to an increase in “cases” and hospitalizations. Which, will lead to another shutdown. And so on.

Is there any reason why this cycle will not continue into 2021, 2022 and 2023? At the current pace, herd immunity will not be achieved for some years. A safe and effective vaccine is possible, but not at all inevitable; certainly not in the next year…and yet when you posit this hypothetical to most people, they encourage it because, as Max Scherzer said, “you just have to accept it.”

The culmination of the pussification of America is playing out before our eyes on the daily. A collective society that never used to merely and simply “accept” their way of life being altered has, in 5 months, been terrified into accepting the most ludicrous way of life imaginable.

Last week, the director of the CDC claimed that if 100% of Americans wore masks we could eradicate the virus, and that statement was allowed to stand unchallenged. Any graduate of high school biology knows how untrue that is, yet it’s heralded as a battle cry to “mask-up.” And speaking of masks, that whole “you just have to accept it,” mindset is exactly what led a large portion of Americans into looking like Annie Oakley. For some strange reason, tens of millions of you asked no questions at all and just accepted the idea that walking around with half of your face covered made any sort of sense or difference…and then started quoting junk science as a way to justify your decision. No one, of course, was more obnoxious than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who claimed that the science was “unanimous.” I think Arnold has been in the country long enough that we can eliminate the language barrier as not the reason for his lack of understanding, so we have to assume he is either willfully ignorant of the millions of scientists and experts who disagree with the mask theory, or he is simply lying. Either way, accepting it is unacceptable. (If, somehow, this is your first visit to this space, we have documented endlessly, the lack of evidence behind the mask claims…and we will simply continue to add to the endless reams of proof that there is, in fact zero proof that masks stop the spread of anything, let alone Covid-19).

And yet, somehow, someway, none of this matters, and nothing changes. We continue to fall in line like good little compliant soldiers and be happy for whatever glimpses of life we get…and we justify the attitude and outlook, which is equally as jarring.

News from the present; mask orders are in place and cases are still soaring. With that, despite all evidence to the contrary, claims were made that not enough people were wearing masks, so pressure was applied and now almost every major national chain, including the last standing big one, Home Depot, have implemented national mask policies. News from the future; the next claim (which has already begun) will be that the problem is that people are gathering in their homes with people they don’t live with and not wearing masks…and we will begin to vocally encourage neighbors to rat out neighbors, and most law enforcement will refuse to do anything. Then what? Strike teams of a new agency called the “mask police,” who are empowered to enter our homes? I mean seriously, where does this lunacy end?

Don’t answer that…2020 will.

And so, the sage Max Scherzer sums it up with the full quote:

You just have to accept it,” says Scherzer. “It seems like every day there’s a challenge. If this is the way it’s gonna be, it’s the way it’s gonna be. This is 2020 baseball. You just have to keep a smile on your face and embrace it.”

Great attitude Max, too bad none of us will be able to be seen smiling, since we’re all covered up for absolutely no reason at all.

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