Where’s The Surge?

Two and a half weeks ago we were inundated with endless headlines, warnings, and dire predictions of a national surge of Covid-19 cases due to Labor Day Weekend.


As of this writing, it’s been 13 days since the end of the holiday weekend and not only is there no national surge, cases are actually plummeting. This, despite the fact that 60% of Americans traveled, the TSA recorded its’ busiest day since March, and 88% of Americans said they visited friends or family (y’know…people they don’t live with…thus, a haven for virus spreading). Yet…no surge in cases.


It certainly isn’t the result of Americans socially distancing and wearing masks; multiple studies show that fewer Americans are wearing masks than ever before and all you have to do is leave your home to see that people are happily standing shoulder to shoulder with total strangers more and more. Yet…no surge in cases.


Now, don’t get me wrong; the lack of cases will be credited to masks. 2020 is the year of the lie, so don’t be surprised. By the way, if there had been a surge, it would have been blamed on too few people wearing masks. That’s the beauty of what we’ve created in our society; there’s always an answer that somehow defends covering your face, despite all logic and sense.


Meanwhile, halfway across the globe, Europe is locking down for a second time (even though there has been relatively no increase in hospitalizations)…except for one country; Sweden…where they’ve never worn masks. How ‘bout that?


All of these events at once beg the question: What is going on? Why is Europe surging in cases and why isn’t America following a holiday weekend of travel and physical contact? Is it possible that, through its’ own rebellious nature, America has reached a level of herd immunity and spread the virus to the best of its’ ability? We aren’t allowed to think positively amidst this stupidity, but it certainly warrants discussion, and many scientists agree (even though they’re dismissed entirely).


More importantly…as many of us wonder why in the world all forms of critical thinking have been abandoned by so many Americans, we are, of course, inundated with dire warnings from the same “experts” who predicted endless death as a result of Labor Day, of endless death as a result of the next few months. Whether it be the “Twindemic” of Covid and the flu colliding, or more dire warnings of people having the audacity to live life and celebrate the holidays with loved ones, there’s no shortage of being told that the grim reaper is coming to get you.


We have chronicled endlessly the fact that CDC data shows that 92.2% of all American Covid deaths are people over the age of 55 and 99.1% are people over the age of 35…and that 99.28% of all deaths had underlying conditions. It is quite literally exhausting repeating it over and over again, especially when so few are willing to listen. And despite all of the actual facts, Americans are hunkering down for another germapalooza as Fall looms and flu season begins. Remember the flu? It was that thing that we simply lived with every year as an average of 50,000 Americans died from it and life went on; now, we’re acting as though an asteroid of influenza is bearing down upon the planet.


With an election less than 6 weeks away amidst a Supreme Court opening, America seems more on edge than ever before; and the endless cries of “BE AFRAID OF GETTING SICK,” are stoking the fires beautifully. The Coronavirus has claimed 200,000 American lives but it has taken so much more from us than that; facts, truth, common sense, and life itself, sadly. Whether or not we get any of those things back remains to be seen.

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