Un-Masking The Masked

What a week…the liars, drama queens, look-at-me crowd, and control freaks were all exposed in less than 48 hours and it was a glorious sight to behold.


This is it…our chance…the time when the “silent majority,” that we’ve all been talking about so much, yet hearing from so little, gets to seize the moment, momentum and moral high ground and reclaim society.


After 15 months of being told to “follow the Fauci,” and having “SCIENCE,” screamed in our faces, the most pathetic amongst us now find themselves alone and abandoned by their saviors. The CDC and Heir Fauci announced in unison that vaccinated people may now resume 2019 life and it broke America…at least the America that’s been running things since March, 2020.


Those of us who have been wondering why, from the beginning, we didn’t tell the vulnerable and scared to just stay home while the rest of us kept the country running, have suddenly been given out figurative “get out of jail free card,” and it’s killing the timid, the scared, and the meek.


Suddenly, those of us who, from the beginning, said we need to live with virus, have the backing and power of the very lunatics and institutions who wrecked this country and tried to drive us into our homes to hide from a virus that the entire world could not hide from. We are not Australia, New Zealand, or a handful of other island and peninsula nations that were able to shut down and contain and control Covid-19…we’re what used to be the United States of America; we’re supposed to show the globe how to do things. Instead, we allowed fear-mongering nerds to tell us they knew best when they didn’t know anything. But now, they know what we know…and it is absolutely triggering those who want to continue to hide…hide their faces, hide inside, and hide from life.


I present to you Alison McCook…she has a B.S. in science with the emphasis on “B.S.” If you research her, what she actually is…is a guilty, privileged freelance “journalist” white girl who clearly hates herself, America, and anything remotely related to liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility. I encourage you to Google her name, read her articles, and puke at will. Or simply, allow me to present a recent article of hers, written after we were told that it’s time for America to unmask itself, with proper retorts included:


Headline: The CDC’s new mask rules promise freedom. But to me they mean fear.


Retort: Jesus jumped up Christ…


Article: On Thursday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made a surprise announcement:


Retort: It wasn’t a surprise to anyone who actually knows, understands and follows science, especially since thousands of doctors and scientists were calling on the CDC to do exactly what they did.


Article: Anyone who is fully vaccinated can now stop masking and social distancing, including indoors.


Though many public health experts had said they thought we would need masks when indoors with strangers for at least another year, the nation’s health protection agency has declared that anyone who received the last dose of their COVID-19 vaccine at least two weeks ago can start living life the way they did before this god-awful thing began.


Retort: The God-awful thing in this dim-wits brain is the virus; to the rest of us, it’s the destruction of our country and, most notably, our children, which, she clearly gives two licks about, if that. Meanwhile, she exposes herself early on as a hypochondriac and drama-mama since an equal number of “health experts” have disagreed entirely with masks from the beginning, they just weren’t allowed to be heard by people like Ms. McCook…who now is looking for new experts.


Article:  I have spent the last 20-plus years as a science journalist.


Retort: That’s not a thing…it’s a made-up title that says “I never actually practiced science, and I make my living by shouting my credentials from rooftops and then proving that even C- students get degrees.


Article: I believe in the vaccines, and that the CDC’s new advice is likely supported by the latest data. I believe in Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, who says he feels good about the CDC’s new decision and wants people to feel like we are approaching “normality.” But Thursday’s announcement from the CDC has filled me with fear.


Retort: That’s because you’re a dumbass who betrays the very science you claim to worship. You want to be afraid, need to be afraid, and are a putrid human who needs to be pitied, not read, as demonstrated by your running away from the very institutions and doctors you worshipped for the last 15 months.


Article: For one, I’m not fully vaccinated yet — my second shot was last Tuesday, so I have another week and a half to go.


Retort: Who’s fault is that? My wife, who is Ms. McCook’s age, and I, were fully vaccinated 6 weeks ago. Stay home and stay inside until you’re fully vaccinated if you’re that concerned.


Article: Even when I reach that date — May 25, marked on my calendar for weeks — my 7-year-old is still vulnerable, and likely won’t be eligible for a vaccine for months.


Retort: And your 7-year-old, who is clearly destined for decades of therapy, is not in any danger at all, whatsoever, from the Coronavirus. In fact, it would be great for her if she got it, shrugged it off, and then built up antibodies which will most likely make her immune from any further exposure. That’s what we call science, madame “Science journalist.”


Article: My biggest concern, however, is that in order for the CDC’s new advice to work, we have to trust strangers to be honest about their vaccine status and mask up if they aren’t fully vaccinated.


Retort: Who cares? You’re vaccinated! The unvaccinated can’t harm you!


Article: When a person comes close to me indoors without a mask, how do I know they are among the roughly one-third of the population that can do that safely?


Retort: See above…Who cares? You’re vaccinated! They can’t harm you!!!!!


Article: I’m not afraid for myself. Once I’m fully vaccinated, I understand that my risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 is vanishingly low…But I care about Americans who aren’t fully vaccinated, and the others who are vaccinated but remain vulnerable. I don’t want my kid to feel self-conscious or singled out because she still has to wear a mask.


Retort: The people who aren’t fully vaccinated are not asking you to care about them nor should they. That’s their god-damned issue…and, for the record…your kid hates you and will for a lifetime.


Article: I’m not only afraid — I’m angry. Because I was really looking forward to not being afraid anymore. That, to me, is what “normality” and freedom feel like. That’s why I circled May 25 on my calendar — it was the day I could stop feeling afraid that I would catch or spread COVID.


Retort: YOU’RE angry? You entitled, pretentious coward…YOU’RE angry? What about the literally hundreds of thousands of business owners who have been forever ruined by people with your absurd fear of life and all of their employees whose lives have been wrecked by scare-mongers like you, afraid of a virus that would literally do nothing to you if you even caught it?!?!?!?! And by the way…truth moment: You’re never going to live life not being afraid; fear is what drives you, motivates you and gives you life. Just admit it for Christ’s sake.


Article: And now I feel like that date is meaningless. Because even when it comes, I’ll still be afraid — not for myself, but for the future of this pandemic.


So I’m still going to wear a mask, even after May 25. Please don’t yell at me about it, or accuse me of fearmongering or some weird conspiracy plot. I’m just scared.


Retort: FINALLY! An area of agreement! No one should shame anyone for wearing a mask moving forward…just like no one should have shamed anyone for NOT wearing a mask over the last 15 months since data clearly shows that masks made absolutely no difference at all whatsoever…but you know what? We’re better than you, Alison, and we’ll make space for your pathetic, timid, scared outlook on life. And in closing, thank you so much for continuing to wear your mask just to further your own neurosis, but also to protect the rest of us from something we either don’t need to be protected from because we’re vaccinated, or because we’ve decided we don’t care, which is none of your god-damned business and certainly doesn’t require your high-minded idiocy. Go write another “science journalist article,” maybe the next one can be about the causality effect of people who need drama and fear in their lives to distract themselves from their own personal issues. Just a suggestion…of course, I’m not, like you, full of a B.S….

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