Un-American Americans

Un-American “Americans”

Few things nauseate me more than those who claim to be patriotic and then behave in the most unpatriotic way.

For the record, I say the Pledge of Allegiance is I ever find myself in a setting where it’s said. I stand for the National Anthem and remove my hat, I have copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution hanging in my house and I flag an American flag in front of it, trying my hardest to always practice proper flag etiquette by lighting it at night and removing it from the rain. However, I do not demand or insist that anyone else does any of these things. That’s what America is supposed to be about.

I have never burned an American Flag in protest and can’t imagine ever doing so, but I would never tell someone they couldn’t. I might tell them that I disagree with their reasoning, but I would defend their right to burn the symbol of our nation because that’s what America is supposed to be about.
Colin Kaepernick and his supporters are idiots and they have every right to stage their protests while we exercise our right to call them names.

All of this is literally the fabric of the name, the moral foundation of what America was founded on, and it should and must be taught.

Enter North Carolina high school teacher Lee Francis who was teaching a lesson in his history class last week about a court case involving flag desecration. In the process of teaching an actual incident in America history, Mr. lee did as many of the best teachers do and tried to use a visual aid to make his point. The Supreme Court, of course, has upheld multiple times that Americans have every right to desecrate the flag if they so choose so Mr. Lee made the point by removing the flag in his classroom, placing it on the floor and stepping on it twice, demonstrating a form of desecration and, in the process, showing the students that thanks to the Supreme Court, this is what free citizens can do.

Or can they?

In the process of trying to educate his students and point out the ramifications of the decision, Mr. lee may have also ended his career thanks to moronic parents like this:

“I think it’s inappropriate to teach that in school,” said Fayetteville resident Grayson Chavonne. “If he wants to do that in his own home that’s his prerogative, but it doesn’t need to be taught to our kids.”

No, nope, that’s wrong Grayson. It is NOT only not inappropriate to teach this in school, it is necessary and demanded. Did he have to actually step on the flag? No, but he should be able to in the process of making his point.

But instead, he’s been suspended and will probably lose his job as the cries grow louder calling him Un-American.

The school is simply responding to the hysteria of ignorant un-patriotic Americans, who are the ones I always blame. As we head towards our next Presidential Election we are surrounded by Hillary supporters that demand tolerance but are the least tolerant people on Earth, and we have Trump followers who demand patriotism but are the least patriotic people on Earth. This story simply highlights how far we’ve fallen from grace.


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