Turkey Sandwich

My wife likes to make fun of my eating habits.

I awake most mornings at 3am and eat whatever it is that my body tells me to. I have been known to chow down left-over Chinese food, shrimp scampi, pasta salad, a plate of pickles, and countless other “odd” choices for first thing in the morning.

This past Sunday morning, I awoke and craved a turkey sandwich. I got up, made one and took my perch on the sofa to painfully watch the Sunday morning news programs while enjoying my “breakfast.”

Each of us on the show have various, yet specific, roles. One of mine is current/political events. Thus, I watch hours of mind-numbing cable news so that, when it occurs, I’m ready to talk about an event or issue that grabs you. This was most on display on 9/11, when I was able to provide context and information at a time when most people had no clue who Osama Bin Laden was. So, I literally watch hours of heart wrenchingly horrible TV so that I am prepared for those few hours when you may need me. Thus:

  • The current government shutdown is the epitome of why less than half of us who are eligible actually vote.
  • The current government shutdown is emblematic of why the overwhelming majority of us believe we have no say or no role in our nation’s governing.
  • The current government shutdown is the meme for America 2019.

“The sad fact is that the facts have never mattered less than they do today. We’re living in a time when truth has been so diminished in value that even those in the top of government are quite comfortable with truth being whatever they can convince people to believe.”

                Raymond Reddington as portrayed by James Spader on “the Blacklist”

Never have I seen such a blatant display of complete dishonesty and lying. The democrats suddenly won’t agree to something they’ve been in favor of for 15 years and the White House lies over and over again about where, who, and how illegal immigrants affect the nation. It’s disgusting and it rots my soul.

More importantly, all of it rots America’s soul, which seemingly was lost entirely in 2016. It had been decaying for some time up until then, but 2016 was the tipping point and we are now spiraling into the toilet of history. The ironic fact that more people than ever have “picked a side” when fewer people than ever know the facts is an hysterical accident of history for me. I laugh aloud at people wearing MAGA hats who have no idea what Trump’s policy in regards to China and trade is, perhaps the most important and impactful issue of the day. I laugh just as hard at jag-offs demanding that Democrats are the future, yet can’t in any way, emote what a “living wage” is and how it would be paid for, let alone Medicare for all.

It’s a sick, toxic time. I assume we’ll recover as a nation as we always have but I don’t claim to know how or when, or what the damage will be. The dishonesty on all sides is so prevalent it’s mind numbing.

Have a turkey sandwich. And pray, if you believe in such.

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