Trump Card

Trump’s America

The reality is that Donald Trump will be your next president, and yes he is YOUR president, if you choose to remain an American. Grow up.

I never supported Barack Obama, and I still feel he is a disastrous president who will ultimately go down in history as one of the worst ever. Those of you who try to twist statistics or claim otherwise are either ideologues or simply ignorant. Yet, throughout the Obama administration I did everything I could to personally and professionally thrive despite the hurdles he and his policies put before me as a small business owner.

Those of you who are scared, terrified, upset, nervous or what have you over a Trump presidency must now do the same. The President is not your father. The President does not create jobs, he simply sets economic policy. Get your act together and get your life together, you’ll be just fine.

Want some positives? Here are a few as I see them with President Trump: (all of them predicated by “If we assume he does what he said he will,”)

  • Every American will see a reduction in taxes which, in my opinion is always a good thing. More money in our pockets spurs the economy.

  • The military will be rebuilt. We are at our smallest levels since World War II and unless you’re a pacifist (and thus an infantile idiot) you know that the world needs a strong American military.

  • He will try to tackle the mess that is the VA and take care of those who have fought for us and our freedoms (I say “try” because that place is such a nightmare…)

  • He will do something to improve, alter and/or change Obamacare which is a total disaster. I do not believe he will repeal it in its entirety but if he dismantles it and allows competition across state lines the system will begin to repair itself.

  • He will, in the immediate, maintain the current balance of the Supreme Court. This nation runs best when it runs on checks and balances. We need a Supreme Court of 4-4-1. Four liberals, four Conservatives and a moderate swing vote. Trump will replace the very dead and very conservative Antonin Scalia with a very conservative justice thus maintaining, for now, the proper balance on the court

  • He will set a tone that is pro-law enforcement, something this nation desperately needs.

  • He will publicly defend the 2nd amendment and do everything he can to leave gun owners alone on a national level.

Here are some other things we know that will be viewed as positive or negative depending on your personal outlook:

  • There will be no wall built. It’s quite literally impossible. In fact, he and his surrogates have already changed their tone to a “virtual wall.” He will increase border security and most likely cut off funding to sanctuary cities, but there will be no mass deportations nor will there be an actual physical wall.

  • Absolutely nothing will be done about the greatest domestic threat America faces; its entitlement problem wherein 77 cents of every dollar spent by our Government goes to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. This is unsustainable and Trump has very publicly shown zero interest in doing anything about it.

  • He will try to raise the minimum wage.

  • He will talk tough and do very little when it comes to China

  • He will work to stop providing federal funding to Planned Parenthood

And here’s what we truly don’t know:

  • He will create and get mass agreement on huge infrastructure projects to work on our roads, bridges, airports, etc. This will be great for certain aspects of our economy, but who and how exactly will it all be paid for?

  • His Foreign policy. Will he be brash or the ultimate deal maker? Will he be too tough or just right?

  • Will he instruct his Attorney General to enforce federal drug laws in states which have legalized marijuana or will he ignore them?

As with most presidents, there are great unknowns not only about what the world before us holds, but also how committed any of them are in their campaign rhetoric when it comes time to govern. Trump feels like more of an unknown than most but here’s what we know; he is your next president barring a personal disaster befalling him. It’s over, and he won. And no matter how many small businesses, cop cars and electrical boxes are destroyed, he’s still going to be the next President. The sooner America grows up, the sooner we can grab our popcorn and see what he has in store for all of us.

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