The World United

The World United

As Paris fell victim to the worst terrorist attack in Europe in the last ten years, the reaction of France and the rest of the world proved that we are united; we are all, as one, giant cowards.

In the wake of multiple simultaneous attacks on various venues and events, France closed its borders for the first time since World War II, declared Martial Law, and also passed sweeping powers into the hands of authorities, including the ability to literally enter homes without permission and seize legally owned guns from residents. All of this, mind you, for the numerous hours when it was believed that multiple terrorists may still be roaming the streets alive.

France and its’ authorities were praised and heralded for their response; and why not? What better way to handle an ongoing and potentially still imminent string of terrorist attacks than to disarm your legal, law abiding citizens? Anyone wanna bet on the likelihood of those citizens getting their guns back?

Now, France, of course, is not America. After all, we have a Constitution that guarantees us the right to bear arms for just such, and so many other, emergencies. Oh wait; in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster (as opposed to what the Obama Administration still eloquently calls terrorism; man-made disasters), citizens had their legally owned guns confiscated and never returned. Gee, I’m sure we’d never react in such a way to a terrorist attack more than a decade later. After all, we’re so much more brave and reasoned today. #Sarcasm.

France’s President, Francois Hollande, an avowed Socialist coward, claimed that this latest attack by Isis on Paris was akin to “an act of war against France.” And how will France respond? Don’t be surprised if it holds a bunch of summits, asks for (and gets) a condemnation from the United Nations, and then goes home. That should scare the heck out of ISIS.

I reserve the right to retract my mockery of France if they suddenly become the first country to find a pair of nuts and truly go after the enemy of the world known as ISIS, but don’t hold your breath as I won’t be.

The World remains at war, it just hasn’t joined the fight. An alarmingly growing number of terrorists under the name of ISIS (which is the same as ISIL or DASH when you hear such reported) including many Americans who have joined the fight with ISIS, have declared war on the world as we know it. The world just hasn’t decided to show up yet. It’s as though ISIS is Rhonda Rousey and the rest of us are all of her opponents ever…except for Holly Holm this past weekend. OK, just scratch that last analogy, you get the idea.

I have warned you for a year that income inequality would be the issue front and center facing America in the 2016 Presidential Election, but it’s even larger than that. Much of the world, now that we live in the age of the internet, now sees what life is like in the civilized Western World and they reach the same conclusion as our very own Occutards began reaching 5 years ago; it’s the fault of America and its allies that other people suffer. We like to sit around and believe that ISIS is a bunch of angry, radical, Middle Eastern young men. It’s not. That profile describes the hierarchy, but it doesn’t describe their growing ranks, as our own FBI has confirmed multiple times in Congressional hearings over the past year. More and more people from modernized Western nations, including America, are joining ISIS because they agree that their lot in life is not only not their fault, but rather is absolutely America’s fault.

So why did they attack Paris and not New York? Because they’re not ready yet. Perhaps because the Paris attack was a trial run for a larger attack in America. Either way, step back for a moment and think about how easy the attacks ISIS just perpetrated on France would be to replicate anywhere in America at a Mariah Carey concert, a football game, and shopping mall.  Remember also that the FBI has stated very publicly that there are so many known terrorists in America that it literally cannot track them all…and those are just the ones we know about. And so when the next attack does happen (not if, but when), how will we respond? We will act like a bunch of cowards; we will beg for the authorities to protect us, we will willingly surrender our rights to them, and we will demand answers from them, all of which will come in the form of fewer liberties for us and more power for them.

To avoid being killed by an enemy that has vowed to never stop until it has eradicated you from the face of the Earth you do one thing; you kill them first. We have the greatest fighting force ever assembled, but we don’t have the will as a nation to use it and do what must be done.

So we will wait, as cowards do. Heroes act and run towards the danger. Cowards cower and hope that the danger passes them by, which it rarely does.

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