The Undeniable “Conspiracy Theory”

I have resisted almost all of the Coronavirus-related conspiracy theories that have been thrown our way. The virus is absolutely real, it was not manufactured as a bio-weapon, and it has nothing to do with getting President Donald Trump out of the White House.

I have acknowledged, however, that the pandemic absolutely opened the door for abuses of power and making sure that yet another crisis didn’t go to waste. And of course, in America, politics always rule the day and without a doubt, the Democrats have done a far better job of taking advantage of this mess.

Whether or not, for example, Governor Gavin Nuisance of California is keeping the state relatively locked down purely to slow America’s economy and hurt Trump’s re-election chances, or whether he’s doing it because he has genuinely bought into the notion that we can actually control a virus, I don’t know and I really don’t care, to be candid.

But there is one “conspiracy theory” that fascinates me and seems indisputable when put to the logic test. (For those of you who have been swept away by the stupidity of 2020, “logic” is a system of reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. It’s a thing we used to have in America, that only a rare few of us possess still to this day. It’s the kind of thing that makes you stop, while you’re seated inside an airport restaurant, at the bar, and wonder “why can I eat and drink indoors at an airport but not at a restaurant?”). Stew on that one whilst I continue.

Remember way back in March when the almighty Dr. Anthony Fauci, a man who has literally spent his entire life studying infectious diseases, called on his 40+ years of expertise and instinctively said “masks don’t work?” He called them a placebo. The CDC said the same thing, as did the Surgeon General, an organization and man, who also have endless amounts of knowledge about viruses and history and masks. These are all people steeped in the facts of SARS, which Covid-19 is a form of, and the endless research during and after the 2003 outbreak that showed masks were useless in stopping the spread, which is why they all immediately told us that masks don’t work.

The World Health Organization said the same thing until changing its’ policy as late as June. Again, an entire body of people more informed on the subject of masks and their inability to stop disease spread than anyone else in the world, knew, and said, masks don’t work.

By summer, almost the entire world was told to wear masks (never mind that the virus spread endlessly regardless of compliance,) so what changed?

Those of us brazen enough to ask are told “we learned more about the virus,” but that’s patently and provably false vis a vis mask usage. To this day there has been only one Randomly Controlled Trial performed involving masks and Covid-19; it was done in South Korea in March and it showed that masks were worthless. Ironically, in June, it was suddenly “discredited,” with no real explanation, and endless computer models and laboratory experiments using human assumptions were shoved down our throats demanding that suddenly, and against hundreds of years of human medical knowledge and experience, masks work! (But they don’t protect you from wildfire smoke…stew on that one whilst I continue).

As the case count and death count plummeted in America, we were inundated with alarming headlines related to the audacity of people wanting to enjoy Labor Day Weekend:


  • Officials warn of COVID-19 risks as Labor Day weekend gets underway


  • Experts warn Labor Day could trigger COVID-19 surge across country


  • Rise in covid cases a concern over labor day weekend


  • Airlines, TSA prepare for Labor Day weekend as experts fear possible surge in COVID-


  • Coronavirus: Labor Day weekend may make COVID-19 worse this fall


  • Labor Day will kick off the fall season as far as the coronavirus is concerned. Experts advise caution.


  • Labor Day weekend will be ‘critical point’ in coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci says


  • Governors warn people to take COVID-19 seriously over Labor Day weekend

And my personal favorite:

  • The US coronavirus death toll is projected to reach 410,000 in the next 4 months if mask use wanes

Despite worldwide examples proving that mask usage makes literally NO DIFFERENCE in the spread of the virus, officials who already changed their tune once, are now doubling down on making sure mask usage is drilled into our heads and maintained seemingly endlessly.

To be fair, they’re right to a point. More and more people in America are using that archaic “logic” and not wearing masks. But why the alarmist insistence that we all must still? New Zealand never mandated masks and relatively no one ever wore them and they went 103 days without new cases; similar results were seen in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, India, where mask wearing began almost before anywhere else in the world, and compliance has been almost universal, is now the world’s hotspot for a second wave outbreak. Simple logic shows any thinking human that masks are irrelevant, and yet we’re being bludgeoned with the demand that they are effective, so what gives?

As with almost anything in this world, follow the money.

Do I have any proof of the theory I am about to espouse? Absolutely not. I have only personal experience, intelligence, and common sense to guide me.

When the pandemic began in earnest in mid-March and it became clear that the United States was going to lockdown nationwide, I made a few changes to my investment portfolio. Using nothing more than a knowledge of human behavior and my life experience, I invested heavily in Amazon, Home Depot, Fed Ex, Clorox, Netflix, Costco, and Domino’s. Likewise, I made sure I was nowhere near anything having to do with travel, hospitality, or entertainment. You don’t need me to tell you that those investments have paid off mightily.

Bragging? Not at all; I’m making a point. If little old me; a guy who, yes, pays attention to the stock market and human behaviors and has done all of his own investing for over 20 years, but still, just a guy…can, on a dime, shift his investment portfolio to be best positioned for a coming financial disaster, what do you think those with actual knowledge of future events do?

When masks and face coverings suddenly became “suggested” in early April in America, Charlie at Black Dog Graphix and I said “aw gee, well, some people might fall for this and like the sense of security they provide so let’s sell some with the RAD logo and such.”

Within weeks, supplies of masks and face coverings everywhere were scarce and mandates were beginning. To be completely blunt, the Maggot Mall has made a relative small fortune selling masks this year, and all we did was see that the people Americans’ were listening to were suggesting wearing them and, therefore, we made them available. Imagine what someone who was in the room in late March when the decision was made that the Surgeon General was going to go on every news show the first weekend in April and show Americans how to make face coverings did with that information. I know what I would have done and, again, I’m nobody. I would have immediately invested in 3M, Honeywell, and every fabric company and distributer I could have found.

I promise you that if it were ever possible (without being assassinated) to truly audit the financial trails of Dr. Fauci, the governing members of the CDC, President Trump’s “blind trust,” and the family members of those associated with all of the “leaders” scaring the hell out of America in a campaign to get us to cover our faces, you would discover a direct linkage.

It’s fun to claim that it’s actually about control, and coercion, and turning people into masked zombies, and I’m sure there’s some of that…but the truth always lies with the dollar.

And that’s why we’re now being told that as we approach flu season, our death toll will double without UNIVERSAL mask compliance!

After all, Americans have so willingly embraced this lunacy that masks are not only a virtue signal now, they’re a fashion accessory! Time to get our fall and winter face coverings, everyone! Switch out from your favorite baseball team to football! Move away from those bright, vibrant summer colors and slide into warmer fall and winter tones. How fun!

Cha-ching! Goes the register in the minds of those making and advocating these policies.

Don’t doubt me. Oh, and don’t forget to get your face coverings at

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