The Greatest Hoax Ever

The Greatest Hoax Ever

If history is an honest broker of the truth, there will someday be written a tome which expresses definitively that the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon human kind was that of man-caused global climate warming change (or whatever we’re calling it this week).

For centuries, atheists and pundits have claimed that religion was the biggest hoax ever, but such small mindedness is unfair to those who believe (of which I am not one, for the record). Truly honest and devout people will admit and acknowledge in the end that their religion is based, ultimately, on nothing more than faith, not fact. Those who claim such Pablum as “The Bible is the most historically accurate book ever written,” are doomed to an eternity of damnation in the face of fact. Those who worship based solely on their conviction should be respected if not heralded for admitting that they simply believe, not that they know.

This brings us back to the climate warmers who insist that they have facts, science, and evidence to support their faith. Yes, yes, I meant for that sentence to be completely oxymoronic.

Global warming change is the new religion; it’s hip, cool, and correct to express yourself as being ultimately and completely sure that man is, undoubtedly destroying the Earth. Think about it; there was a time when going to church and expressing your loyalty to God, Christ, Buddha, or that 8 legged Elephant was considered cool and hip. No longer; now we pray at the altar of pretend reality and do so loudly and proudly, decrying, defaming, and destroying anyone who “denies” that climate change is real. To express such is pure heresy.

Warmist changers will come at you with all sorts of facts, numbers, stats, scientists, and irrefutable evidence. I will simply rely on what I have come to know over the past decade as the most reliable guide to formulating an opinion; common sense.

We live in 2015, the age of the internet, driver-less cars, and smart phones. We purchase goods and services online, program devices to take us from point A to point B, and we watch what used to be called TV on non-televisions. Yet, we can’t even come close to predicting tomorrow’s weather. Despite that last tid-bit, we are supposed to believe that science has absolutely figured out the world’s climate 100 years from now. Please. Seriously, c’mon, end the joke.

I love Millennials. Quite literally, in fact, as I am in love with a millennial and have been for three years now, but there are certain aspects of their birthdate which has robbed them of the breadth of knowledge. By not being children in the 1970s, Millennials missed out on being scared to death over the coming ice age. Google it; isn’t that what you kids do these days? Look it up and digest its sophistry. We were told for a decade that the earth was about to freeze, that we were the cause and that the end was nigh. And then came the 80’s and suddenly we all got over it, until the lie started again, this time as global warming.

The new age warmer changers are much better at propaganda, having learned the harsh lesson of the 1970’s when it became clear that knowledge was interfering with their need to be important. Now, they know the game and they have refined their pitch, which is where their brilliance lies (and the lies they tell are brilliant). What began as Global warming was quickly altered to Climate Change when suddenly the Earth stopped warming (damn facts). They seamlessly transitioned themselves from warmers to changers and we let them, for the almighty scientists (priests) supported them. Once again, I remind you, these are people that tell you 5 inches of rain are going to fall tomorrow until tomorrow comes and suddenly it’s partly sunny.

So now we have climate change, which is like heralding a cause as “torture hurts.” Of course the climate is changing, you idiots, that’s what it does. We used to call them seasons, now we call them hysterical man made atmospheric death blows.

Spending 5 days staring at the Pacific Ocean, as I did last week, reminds any person with a soul of how insignificant they are, as well as their race. And therein lies the problem; we have a need to be so important that we create delusional realities to support our existence when the truth is, we can’t even explain why we’re here, yet we’re going to tell everyone how we’ll be leaving. Once again, I implore you to end the joke.

All of our supposed knowledge of climate change comes from computer models, which we created, based on what we claim to know about the Earth, its history and its patterns. These models are quite literally the exact same models we use to create the never reliable 7 day forecast and each season’s hurricane predictions, which if you haven’t been paying attention for the last 10 years, hasn’t been right once since Katrina destroyed New Orleans. Once again, Google it, if for no other reason to bask in the glory of our man-made stupidity. Without fail, when we warn of catastrophic storms coming our way, nothing happens. When we calm the collective soul of the nation with predictions of a mild hurricane season, entire cities are wiped off the map. We are so incompetently bad at this, it would be hysterical if weren’t reacting hysterically.

Here’s a prediction based on nothing more than common sense; no computer models, no alleged science, no models at all, just common sense: Over the next many years, California and the western United States will see a profound uptick in rainfall. The reservoirs will overflow, there will be flooding and cries of “too much water,” and moronic politicians will somehow take credit for making more liquid. Meanwhile, elsewhere in America, there will be a lack of rain and people decrying the damned drought and reacting in asinine ways to problems that we can’t even explain the cause of. And life will go on, such as it is, as we continue to demand that we, humans, are so important, so vital, so omnipotent that we actually affect the Earth. We need to feel that way to justify our existence, apparently. Someday, I pray (if I believed), that we will all be corralled by Mother Nature, God, the Easter Bunny, or whoever it is that runs this universe and told in no uncertain terms “You don’t matter, humans. You never have and you never will because you are incapable of evolving to a level of consciousness that finally explains to you how unimportant you are.” Until then, I’ll just stare at the ocean and dream…

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