The Burning Of America

The Burning Of America

Good God.

It’s only June and this country, incensed by the course of the nation and the choices we’re being presented for our next President, is already receding deeper and deeper into Thunderdome.
This election will be a race to the bottom. It is going to be nasty, vile, and short on policy. And long on riots and violence from what I can see.

What’s old is new again, and we are de-evolving into a country of children who throw tantrums, eggs, and punches when we don’t like what another person is saying.

Meanwhile, our alleged “leaders,” are beyond embarrassing.

Last week, Donald Trump actually found a new low, which for him, is saying something. He crossed two lines that quite literally define America and, of course, suffered no damage from his ignorant supporters. Trump asserted again, publicly, that a judge involved in a lawsuit involving Trump University is incapable of being objective because the judge is of Mexican heritage. Not only is this beyond racist and ignorant, it is an appalling breach of the separation of powers in America. A man on the precipice of being the Executive Branch cannot attack the Judicial Branch. It goes against everything this nation is founded on. And just because Obama did it at a State of The Union speech years ago involving the Citizens United case doesn’t make it right. You don’t justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behaviors. Unless, of course, you’re an angry American in 2016.

Oh, and let’s not forget that he pointed to a Black man at his rally in Redding on Friday and said “look at my African American.” What a dolt. I don’t think he actually meant it in a “slave owner” type way, but it’s still something you don’t say. Unless you’re an abject idiot, moron and sociopath. Oh, never mind.

And then there’s the natural disaster that is Hillary Clinton. This is a shrew that makes me consider becoming a Socialist and supporting Bernie Sanders. What a train wreck. And her and her supporters and the far left in general are quite rich, aren’t they? They demand tolerance and acceptance, yet when they find someone who supports a view or a candidate they disagree with, they behave in the most intolerant ways possible. Multiple Trump supporters last week were sucker punched, harassed, and egged for one reason; they support Trump. Is this America or the Middle East?

And again I remind you, it’s only June.

What do you think this country will look like come October, weeks before the election? Worse yet, how do you think half of this nation will react when the reaction they want isn’t the result of the election November? If your answer is “oh, this is America, we’ll accept the result,” you are naïve beyond comprehension.

We have literally reverted by over a century. We are a nation that trusts none of our institutions and is ready to riot, burn, yell, scream, and throw our way back into power. We have the two most unpopular and unlikeable Presidential Candidates since such surveys have been being taken and we have a nation of arrogant, ignorant, angry morons ready to recreate lynch mobs and torch bearers.

This nation will probably survive this but I promise you that you are going to see things that this country hasn’t seen since at least the 60’s and with a 2016 flair. I am neither hoping nor wishing for such, I am merely reporting on what is so clearly evident. There will be riots, cities burning, multiple assaults, and almost zero responsibility from our “leaders,” until it’s too late.

Maybe those Doomsday preppers aren’t as nutty as I’ve thought.

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