The 2015 Intolerance Awards

The 2015 Intolerance Awards

Each year, a select group of nimrods rise above all others to earn my disdain. For most of 2014, for example, it was people who refused to acknowledge just how far off the rails America had fallen. How could you possibly be so delusional, blind, naïve and dumb to think that were not the case?

Of course, regardless of which group gets my goat on any given day, there are always the baseline people who I loathe entirely and always will:

  • Idiots: Abjectly stupid people annoy me to no end. Those with no desire to learn, yet the need to exude phony confidence or knowledge wear out their welcome with me in about 7 seconds and always have.

  • Cowards: Living life via fear is not living at all. People afraid of everything from failure to driving in the rain to their child falling down and going boom make me wretch.

  • Pushovers: Whatever term you want to use to describe people who have no self-esteem, self-respect and/or the ability or desire to know who they are, what they want, and the drive to tell people such and live the way only they want to live are total wastes of a life to me.

  • Life Nazi’s: These are the lecherous folks who demand that their life experiences must be identical to yours, thus re-enforcing that only their way of life is the correct one. It’s a more insidious version of the axiom that says “you have every right to your opinion, as long as it agrees with mine.” These are the people who sober up and then demand that you must also because, since it made them see life clearly, it will surely do the same for you. These are the people who demand only those who raise children are fully fulfilled, only those who live life on the edge are truly experiencing “living,” only those who work harder and make more are winners and on and on it goes. Leave people the hell alone and let them live. And by the way, when you try to force your outlook of life onto others, it shows how truly insecure you are with your way of life.

  • People who like Sacramento. This one speaks for itself.

With those groups always in the background of the people I hate most, 2015 certainly brings plenty of candidates for possible groups that will make my head explode. Certainly I have no time for people who regurgitate meaningless bumper-sticker slogans which have no sense behind them, and as such I nominated, but ultimately discarded the following:

  • Everyone who stupidly supports the “made in the USA movement:” This is juvenilely stupid and it is meant to be ignored on its’ face, just like a child throwing a tantrum, therefore, that’s what I do now. However, I have found a positive in this stupid slogan; living in the greatest nation on Earth and having never seen such an extraordinary level of Americans who hate America, I’ll take any form of patriotism, even phony, fake, stupid ones like cheering for “made in the USA” which is essentially asking for $18 napkins and $25,000 televisions. Morons.

  • The handwringers of Genetically Modified Foods and their by-products: Go Fuck Yourselves, you dummies. The anti-GMO movement is this year’s gluten free/Kale/probiotics trends. In other words, it’s yet another first world fear tactic meant to scare the stupid, and it’s working in droves in a nation of morons. In the end, this is just one more non-thing to worry about. There is nothing new about GMO at all, whatsoever, it’s just something for people who need something to bitch about to, well…bitch about. I remember the pink slime scare of 2012 as well…complaining about a long-standing, totally safe non-issue ran a few hundred beef producers out of business and made a lot of people scared for no reason at all, whatsoever. The GMO crowd will do the same, mainly to American farmers who are clamoring for the use of GMO seeds, but since GMO sounds scary, we’ll just claim it causes cancer and ruin a few hundred lives (never mind the millions of people around the world that GMO seeds have saved by simply feeding them). The only reason I don’t care much about these hysterical freaks is that I assume the toxicity their own bodies produce by worrying about everything will kill them prematurely and rid this planet of their stupidity.

  • Cop Haters: Clearly the war-on-cops, which has always seethed in the underbelly of the most cretinous (new word), of our populace has bubbled over to the mainstream. I’ve never had tolerance for cop-haters, and in a twisted way, I’m almost glad they’re finally coming out of the wood-work, because they will lose and lose big. For now, a very vocal minority chants, marches, protests and a select few take literal aim at the police. Unless this movement fizzles like a band of Occupiers, Americans will say enough is enough when the very people who are charged with defending our property and our lives are literally attacked en masse. Nothing motivates an American more than selfishness and just a few of their neighbors who wear uniforms being attacked is all it will take before citizens and cops find themselves almost quite literally arm-in-arm beating back the thugs, liars, and criminals who are currently waging war on law enforcement. Hands Up, Don’t shoot…just shut the hell up and get a job.

With those groups nominated but discarded, I was left with two choices for my predicted 2015 class of people I will view with the most disdain throughout the year. I now proudly present this year’s Intolerance Awards (as in; people I have no tolerance for):

As my Runner-up for 2015:

Anyone who proudly aligns themselves with the Republican Party and/or Conservatives in General: As a man who has always fashioned himself as an independent thinker, I have always proudly expressed myself as someone with Libertarian viewpoints who understands that Libertarianism (almost no government at all, quite frankly) is simply not a viable form of societal structure, particularly in the 21st century. Therefore, I have been forced in modern times to essentially support most conservatives while disagreeing with almost half of what they say and do.

I am, politically speaking, a fiscal conservative who knows that Capitalism is the single greatest economic system on Earth and provides freedom and opportunity for those who wish to work for it. This is a belief that was abandon entirely by the Democratic Party after JFK was assassinated and they have embarked instead on a 5-decade-long war on prosperity. Similarly, I hold very hawkish, pro-military views (also just as JFK did), but since the Democratic Party became the party of appeasement long ago, they have never been for me. Too bad, since socially I align myself with their beliefs on issues that for the most part don’t really affect me; I support the legalization of marijuana, am pro-gay-rights, don’t really care about abortion (which essentially makes me pro-choice), and I firmly believe that Christianity ( and all religions) are meant to have no role whatsoever in policy making.

Since, as I said, most of those things that I align myself with Democrats don’t in any way affect me, I’ve steered clear of the party. After all, Republicans were the party that believed in smaller government, a larger, stronger military, tax cuts, and for the most part, social policies that matter to me such as gun rights, voter ID laws, and border security to name a few.

However, Republicans and conservatives alike have clearly decided that to beat their opposition, they must become their opposition. Whether it be politicians or talking heads, not a day goes by in which I don’t yell at Fox News “that’s a lie,” as someone spouts a total falsehood to make a point in the world where we simply say things out-loud and they become reality. Meanwhile, prior to Barack Obama; the president who grew the government at the greatest rate in history, was none other than that stalwart conservative, George W. Bush, truly the second-worst-president in American history, bar none. Yes, worse than Carter who never was able to do the type of damage Bush did to this nation in ways we will feel for decades to come. Please don’t make me inform you that Obama will be regarded as the worst for centuries to come for that should be obvious.

This has been building for years. During the debate over the Arizona Immigration Bill in 2010, literally dozens of Fox News pundits and Republican Congressmen blatantly lied about what the bill said, all in an attempt to deceive the voters that they’re always saying are “smart enough that they don’t need to be lied to.” It continued en masse and reached a crescendo for me after the November, 2014 elections when moron after moron proclaimed that their country had been saved by giving congressional control to Republicans. In case you haven’t noticed, the Republicans have already caved into Obama on almost every major issue and they aren’t even in charge yet. Nothing will change, my friend, nothing. They’re almost all garbage and those who aren’t either quit (Senator Tom Coburn) or have no chance of breaking through (Senator Rand Paul). Anyone who walks around bragging about their love of either party is a total moron. That’s been true of Democrats for decades, and it’s certainly true of Republicans now.

However, since most people know (nor care) almost nothing about politics, my 2015 winner of the people I will be most intolerant of is……(drumroll)…..

People who say “it’s a generational thing,” when bemoaning the demise of the American Culture. I simply can’t take it anymore. I’ll admit that in the very beginning of discussions about how clearly America has become a rotten society, my defense for the younger generation was nothing more than instinctual. I always hated that when I was young, plus it’s bad for business. The last thing our show should become is one that rails against everyone under 30…since they’re half our audience.

But it’s so much more than that now. Because I actually walk around with my eyes open and observe things, rather than most people who simply look for ways to validate only their viewpoint, not what’s really going on.

Whatever it is that you think is wrong with America today, it is absolutely not the fault of, nor at the feet of, the “younger generation.” Look around, asshole. Plenty of 40 and 60 year olds have their heads buried in cell-phones, can’t form complete sentences, live at home with their parents, choose not to work, accept government assistance they don’t really need it and have no concept of manners. Who exactly do you think raised this awful generation of youngsters that are allegedly ruining the nation?

We have sucked and have been sucking exponentially as people since the 1960s and we have absolutely become worse with every new generation, but that’s like claiming that because your last bowel movement was the most stinky, none that came before it didn’t stink. In the end, they’re all shits, just like us.


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