Stop Saying You Don’t Have A Choice

As America’s most populous state re-opens, it’s a good time for an instructive look at just how stupid, ignorant, arrogant, misinformed, and un-American too many Americans have become.


On June 15th, California will lift almost all of its’ Covid-related restrictions, including its’ mask mandate. Which is odd, since I live in California and haven’t worn a mask inside a business since September of 2020 (with rare exceptions like taking parents to medical facilities). Do you know why that is? Because I had a choice…I could follow the rules imposed by the almighty government, or I could choose to live my life the way that I wanted to, and accept the consequences. As it turns out, there weren’t any consequences, ever…but I was fully prepared to leave a business that asked me to wear a mask because I had that choice. The business could choose to tell me I had to wear a mask in order to shop, and I could choose to not shop there. See…choices? We all have them.


Which brings us to the vaccine, and an asinine and disturbing segment of last weeks RAD show in which the fear, foolishness, and delusion of too many was on full display.


A listener wrote in upset that the small office that she works in had decided that all employees will have to wear masks moving forward unless and until all of them are vaccinated…and she’s the only one not vaccinated. She mentioned that she loves this job and she ended her letter asking “what choice do I have?”


Somewhat stunned, and feeling as though I was talking to a kindergartner, I explained to her that her choices were as follows:


    • Get vaccinated
    • Leave the job you love


See? Choices!


The floodgates opened with ridiculous cries of coercion and claims that “it’s not a choice if you’re being told that you have to do something in order to work!”


Ummmm…your employer dictates endless demands that you must adhere to on a regular basis if you want to work there…and they have the right to make such decisions, and you have the choice to work there or not under whatever demands they impose. You are not owed, guaranteed, nor entitled to a job. Countless employers across America demand that people who work for them pass drug tests and get the flu shot every year, and they have every legal right to do so…and they should! As an employer, I can CHOOSE to impose whatever restrictions I want to on you…and you can CHOOSE to either abide by them, or work elsewhere…see? Choices!


And yet…moron after moron called and wrote in, with clearly no understanding of what freedom is, nor of America’s basic principles. These are the same dumbasses that claim they have a right to free speech in someone else’s home, or on their Facebook page, completely missing the 1st and 4th amendments which state that only the government shall make no laws restricting your speech, while guaranteeing that you, as a home or business owner, have all of the power to determine what happens in said places.


Enter Heather…bless her heart…she sent this gem:


Wanted to send an email about the COVID vaccine topic….I just hope if you read this it may help you consider a different prospective.


First of all, it’s a perspective…and, no, you provided absolutely nothing that hadn’t already been displayed in all of its’ ignorance.


If my job forced me to get an unapproved vaccine, I would be forced to seriously consider changing companies…I work (14 years) for an amazing company.. great benefits, very diverse, lots of money. It would really suck to leave a job I love.

But to force me to get a vaccine that hasn’t fully been approved, in my opinion is infringing on my civil rights.  I as an American feel it’s important to adhere to ‘my body my choice’. This isn’t a political or religious stance.. it’s a constitutional stance. We have all of these freedoms afforded to us. Why is this being pushed so hard?


WOW…lots to unpack there…let’s get started.


If your company decided to tell you that you needed to be vaccinated to work there, your job isn’t forcing you to do anything. It’s telling you that if you want to continue your employment, then you must add to the list of demands that it already makes on you, getting vaccinated. It’s no different than the fact that you have to be at work by 8, wear appropriate attire, and not be drunk on the job.


Your civil rights remain fully intact…you have the ability to say “hell no, I am not putting that poison in my arm,” and your employer, as they should, has the right to say “I respect that but you can’t work for me based on your decision.” See? Choices!


The freedoms afforded you are still intact, you’re just an idiot.


And as an aside, I laugh hysterically at those of you clinging to whatever arguments you can to justify your childish behavior.

To be clear, you have every right to not get the vaccine…I don’t care if you do or not, just stop being a toddler when trying to justify why you aren’t. Just say “I don’t want it,” and be done…no need to say absolutely stupid things like “ (I’m not going to get) a vaccine that hasn’t fully been approved.” So let me get this straight…a vaccine that has been signed off on by the CDC, and NIH, and is heralded by every health expert on both sides of the political aisle, and across the modern world, will suddenly be acceptable to you when a different government agency, the FDA, approves it? The same FDA that approved drugs like Ranitidine, which has now been recalled because it causes cancer? Standing ovation for your morals and principles!


Heather continues:


Our government (or other companies) generally don’t force us to get a flu shot or any other vaccines why this one?


Huh? Actually, we covered this earlier…countless companies force employees to get flu shots and demand vaccinations. Additionally, with herd immunity reach vis a vie measles, mumps, rubella, etc, employers don’t ask because the viruses are eradicated. If an employer wants to be part of creating said immunity, they have every right to do so…and you have every right to not work for them. See? Choices!


Heather finishes as follows: I’m of the opinion, that if you decide to do it for you, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s ok too. Everyone should have the freedom to choose.   


And everyone does, Heather…it’s amazing how simple this is and yet infuriating to so many. Get the vaccine, or don’t…and deal with the consequences of either choice. See? Choices!


By all accounts, if you CHOOSE not to get vaccinated, you won’t be able to travel to Hawaii without getting tested for Covid, and you won’t be able to travel to Europe at all. See? Choices!


If you do get vaccinated, you’re rolling the dice that you may grow a third arm, die young, or have Bill Gates show up at your front door. See? Choices!


Get vaccinated or don’t…but stop claiming you don’t have a choice.

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