People are always musing about “how the Roman Empire fell,” and what exactly will cause the same to happen to America. I’ve cracked the code; America will fall because of sick.


I realize that “sick” isn’t a thing in and of itself. You can “feel” sick, you can be mentally “sick,” you can possess “sick” humor, and you can act in a “sick” manner, to name a few. But sick on its’ own is static. You can’t touch it, feel it, etc.


I submit to you that in all forms America is going to fall as a result of sick. We’re simply a sick nation in every way and there is no antidote. We need to be eradicated as currently formed and rebuilt. Quite candidly, for the first time in my entire life, I actually embrace the idea of carving the nation up, a la Europe, into smaller pieces. Maybe three ideally; the looney left, the whacko right, and the smallest of the three, sadly, those of us who are still sane, logical, and free thinking.


For starters, it was confirmed in multiple ways last week that we are now quite literally a nation that is terrified of getting sick. Just sick…y’know, the sniffles. While we’ve been trending that way for years, it only took this pandemic to lurch us over the edge. We discussed a new survey in which Americans were asked if, once the pandemic was declared over, they would still wear face coverings, and an astounding 56% said they would. 25% said all of the time, 31% said in certain times of the year or settings like large gatherings. 56%!!! We received an email after that discussion that I didn’t read on the show but summed it up perfectly. The basic premise was that this listener, a man named John I think, had deduced that in the last almost year of wearing masks, neither he nor anyone in his family has gotten sick. Leaving aside the fact that his conclusion that this phenomenon is correlated directly to mask wearing is provably false is every way, it was his next statement that summed up our new found hysteria. He stated that since masks work for his family, they will absolutely continue to wear them moving forward to avoid getting colds, the flu, and whatever else he thinks he’ll be safe from. We know he’s far from alone from multiple surveys taken in the last many months and it’s unthinkable compared to just a year ago…and it’s not progress at all. The idea that, as a nation, we are collectively so scared of getting a virus or even the common cold, that we are willing to cover our faces in fear and do untold and irreparable harm to our dental and oral health, skin, and mental state to avoid such is appalling. And telling.



I assume I barely need to even mention the most obvious way in which we’re sick? Health-wise? There’s a very simple reason America has more Coronavirus deaths than any other nation on Earth and it isn’t Trump, anti-maskers, Sturgis, holiday travel, or any other lie you’ve been told. It’s 100% because we’re the most unhealthy nation on Earth, most specifically as it relates to things that will make you more prone to dying from Covid; obesity leads the way, followed by diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and respiratory disease…all things America leads the world in by far. This is the price of decadence and freedom.



Thirdly, we’re beyond mentally sick. We’re depraved. And what’s fascinating about it is that we all think we’re not sick and “the other guy,” is. No matter the topic. If you’re pro-life you think a pro-choicer is “sick.” If you wear a mask and your neighbor doesn’t, he’s just “sick.” If you’re a Democrat and she’s a Republican she’s just “sick,” and on and on it goes. There is zero mutual respect for dissent in this nation; a nation that was built and thrived on such. Thus, we’re sick.


An accompaniment to that would be the sick way in which we have allowed ourselves to be talked to over the past year and the even sicker way we have fallen in line. Last Thursday, President Joe Biden gave his first national address and it made me sick. Ironic, eh? His endless use of words like “can,” and “allowed,” in conjunction with threats that if we don’t “comply,” we’ll have things “taken away from us,” was beyond the pale and far from unifying.


“Millions and millions of grandparents who went months without being able to hug their grandkids can now do so,” said Biden Thursday night, disregarding the millions and millions of grandparents who have made the choice of their own free will to continue hugging their grandkids and are alive and well today. “The more people,” he continued, “who are fully vaccinated (we) will provide additional guidance on what you can do in the workplace, places of worship with your friends as well as travel.” What we CAN do? Or what? Considering the fact that about 1/3rd of the nation has been doing all of the things you’ve told us we can’t do without any repercussions to our lives or health I’m pretty sure we’re fully capable of deciding what we can or cannot do.


Later in the speech after promising us that we “could” get together with loved ones on the 4th of July (something plenty of us did a year ago and will do again this year with or without his permission) he said that “if we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions change and we may have to reinstate restrictions.” Ooohhhhhhh….I’m scared. But too many are, sadly.


As an aside, I laugh out-loud when I saw that New York state will no loner “require” people who travel there to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival; a policy that’s been in place for a year. I lost count at 18 as the number of people I personally know who have flown or driven to New York, mostly New York City, gone about their business immediately, and then left. No quarantine, and no enforcement or retribution. Thanks for letting us all know that we can finally start doing what millions have already been doing.



And that’s the two-edged sword of sickness. On one hand, the power and control that our elected officials think they have over us because of the other side of the sword; the majority of our fellow citizens give it to them and passively comply and oblige their “orders.” The holidays were maddening; hearing endless stories and reading endless emails about families cancelling plans they had already made to celebrate together in one of their homes solely because a governor said they couldn’t do it any longer. Sick isn’t a strong enough word for that.


We’re just sick. And there is no cure. And by the way, buying all of the guns in the world isn’t going to stop this. And who wants to actually live in this deplority? (is that a word…I don’t think it is). I’m heading to a super spreader event now because that’s all we can do…live until this whole thing implodes. Sick wins.

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