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  • In the wake of multiple mass shootings (defined as three or more people shot in one incident) the cries for gun control have begun once again. Here’s the problem; universal background checks are common sense to almost all Americans, including gun owners. No one actually wants a known felon, illegal citizen or mental defect to be able to purchase a gun…however, none of the recent mass shootings would have been prevented by universal background checks. In other words, in the wake of human devastation, we propose solutions that wouldn’t have prevented the incidents…thus, when the mass shootings continue after we enact universal background checks, the cries will be “we need to do more!” This is what’s defining the strident and ardent objections to any form of gun control in this nation. Unless and until the argument becomes a conversation, no progress will be made


  • If I had a child, the one job I would tell them not to pursue is being a cop. Read into that what you will.




  • Wasn’t it about 3 weeks ago the CDC director had a feeling of “impending doom,” regarding Covid? And yet America (other than Michigan) is soaring into recovery and wellness, despite what the media and fear porn mongers tell you. Huh…




  • Hypocrisy on display: Former President Trump announced that all U.S. troops would leave Afghanistan on May 1st, 2021. Current President Biden pushed that to the symbolic date of 9/11/21…and suddenly, Republicans who loudly supported Trump’s pronouncement condemn Biden for being reckless and irresponsible. News flash: America will endlessly be at war; it’s what we do. Right or wrong, that’s the truth.


  • Hypocrisy on display part deux: Tens of thousands of “migrants” continue to flood into America, untested for Covid, while half of America remains on various forms of “lockdown and shutdown” orders. Paging Dr Anthony Fauci…Dr. Fauci to the comment room to discuss super-spreader events please…


And speaking of Dr Fauci, we got this e-mail last week from a listener named Dennis:



I appreciate the fact that every time Dawn asserts Fauci is just power hungry and that’s why he keeps holding on to restrictions that you offer other alternatives like it could be that he’s genuinely terrified and/or he spent most of his life being a dorky kid and was probably never cool or well liked and now he is this revered guy or whatever…but while it’s always great that you offer other possibilities, what actually is YOUR opinion? Which is it?


Well, for starters, I actually dismiss the last one…it’s funny and stereotypical, but as with most stereotypes, there’s no indication it’s true. He was the captain of his high school basketball team, he’s a huge baseball fan, and all indications are that he was pretty popular and he’s always been very well liked.


Therefore, I think it’s a hybrid of the other two as follows;


I think it’s mostly the middle one…remember this guy Fauci has been preparing for this his entire life. He’s had this job since Ronald Reagan was president, more than 37 years, and the entire time his job has been to be ready for the worst possible virus related scenario he can imagine. He has even suggested as much in multiple interviews prior to 2020.


Think about normal humans who have gone through trauma…like a car crash and how they suddenly become scared to death that everyone they love is going to get in one…Imagine your kid went missing for a day and turned out fine…you had an entire day to think the worst possible things, how over-protective would you be afterwards?


His entire adult life he’s been told his kid was missing or was going to be only his kid is a global pandemic, so when it hit, like an over-protective parent, he over-reacted and he still is.


The hybrid part is that I don’t think he’s power hungry…I think he’s an elitist who believes that people are too stupid to know what he does and that is that this virus is the most deadliest thing ever and only he and people like him understand that and how we can all stay safe and so it’s their job to save us, even though actual science, in no way, supports that. 560,000 Americans have died of Covid…and yet, 655,000 die every year of heart disease; what’s next? Shutting down all steakhouses for 6 months every year to force Americans to not consume too much red meat and cholesterol…wait…don’t answer that; as the last year has shown us, never ask what’s next. The universe will answer and it will be awful…

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