Questions For 2021

I’ve long thought that New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day has been the cruelest, most stupid “holiday” in existence. Oh sure, we could argue that Valentine’s Day, nothing more than a literally made-up “Hallmark holiday,” which promises love and the kind of treatment you’re supposed to receive year-round is worse…but we’d be wrong. New Year’s is the biggest mind-screw we do to each other every year; and we do it year after year after year.


In normal times it’s a simple spectator sport of watching people make asinine pledges to themselves (veiled as “resolutions”) to get healthier, quit a bad habit, get more organized, and other crap they have no actual intention of doing….and, statistically speaking, abandon by the end of January every year to the tune of about 92%.


2021 is more cruel, more damaging, and more devastating.


Ever since March, people have been creating goal posts. At first it was “this will all be over in a couple weeks…after we flatten the curve,” then it became Memorial Day, The 4th of July, the Aftershock Concert in October, the election, and on and on and on it went.


I get it. 2020 was a shit-burger none of us saw coming; but the endless vapid hope that came with the countless “it will all be better when,” absurdity became…well, absurd.


So, now that 2021 is here and more and more morons believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel (despite all evidence to the contrary), I have questions…many questions.


For starters, will we ever actually by joyful again? I spent the last few weeks living; and realizing that very few people were doing the same. Despite spending most of my time in the Florida of California, Placer County, which hasn’t been “shutdown” since the end of summer, (and has 30% of hospital beds available and no real crisis at all whatsoever)…the lack of joy is palpable. People, without any coercion or enforcement to do so, walk around with masks covering their faces, but not hiding the death in their eyes. Don’t get me wrong, some of us are almost gleefully enjoying and embracing this stupidity, but it’s a very small number of us.


I’ve long opined about the pussification of America but I never believed that almost all of us would willfully and stupidly give in to peer pressure, pseudo-science and intimidation in the name of “protecting others,” despite all evidence to the contrary. People are simply joyless and there’s no actual reason to believe that’s coming back.



Those of you that insist on living in “hope-ville,” have this vision of 1945 America; where victory is declared as World Way II is won and we’re all dancing in the streets, hugging, singing, and celebrating. Wake the fuck up. That ain’t happening.


Already, we’ve been told that life in America would begin to return to “some sense of normalcy,” (according to Heir Fauci) in April…and then summer, and now, as of January 1st, the “end of summer,” which sounds a lot like September to me.


We’re also told that even as people get vaccinated, we all still need to wear masks, despite all evidence worldwide showing that masks do absolutely nothing to stop anything.


And then there’s the vaccinations…no one wants them! How about that? Up to 60% of healthcare workers are refusing them.


Which, of course, means, we’ll all have to be coerced. Enter the mark of the beast…errr…I mean, vaccination cards! We’ve been talking about it for months, and now it’s here! Wanna fly somewhere? Enter Costco? See a show? You better have your vaccination card! Big government and big business will make sure we all fall in line if we want any sort of “normalcy” again. And what, you ask, if half of us simply refuse? Well that’s a great question, but there’s been absolutely no indication of that level of willingness to refuse to comply at anytime in the last 10 months, so color me uninspired when it comes to hope of an “uprising.”


And so back we go to joy…since so many of us are resistant to the vaccine, especially with stunningly high rates of side effects being experienced by the few that actually get the vaccine, this will be the next mask debate. We’ll go from WEAR A MASK to GET THE VACCINE. Because, after all, it’s the only way we get back to normal…just like we’ve been promised for almost a year if we’d just wear masks. And even though all forms of data shows 95% of Americans have been wearing masks for months, we’re nowhere near normal.


So back to my many questions…I guess there’s just that one; when will we ever have collective joy again? Nothing, not even Trump has divided this nation more than Covid. You’re either terrified of it, or totally willing to live with it. You either believe masks work or you know better. You either want the vaccine or want nothing to do with it…and on and on it goes.

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