Thats It I Take It All Back

President Hillary

This is not endorsement. It’s an acknowledgement; Donald Trump will not be elected the 45th President of the United States.

The Electoral Map has always looked bad for Trump. It was always going to be a difficult and unlikely victory, hinging entirely on Trump showing America that he is, in fact, a capable leader with the temperament, knowledge, and ability to lead the free world. He has done none of that, in fact just the opposite.

That is not to say that Hillary Clinton will make a good president; she will not. She will be a disaster and will continue to pull America towards various forms of international weakness and socialism. But with less than a month to go, it is now not a question of whether Trump will lose, it is a question of how badly he will lose and whether or not it costs Republicans control of Congress, thus allowing President Hillary to run roughshod over the nation at will.

The first victim will be our Constitution, which is already on life support. Hillary will appoint a liberal judge to the Supreme Court to replace the venerably and now dead Conservative Antonin Scalia. That is her right, as elections have consequences. The Republican party and its primary voters will bear the blame for the next 30 years of this nation being fundamentally altered solely by how the Supreme Court is changed beginning early next year. Once Hillary’s first justice is in place, the court will be made up of 5 liberals, 3 conservatives and one moderate. Over the next 4 years, it is expected at least two other justices will have to be appointed and that will result in a 6-3 liberal death grip on the court.

How ironic that Trump voters, the most staunch defenders of the Second Amendment, will wind up being responsible for restrictions and limitations on our right to bear arms that as recently as 6 months ago would have been called fear mongering. For the past 3 decades, the NRA has done everything it could to get cases before the Supreme Court knowing they would win victories, as they did when the court ruled Washington D.C. was illegally restricting its’ citizens from gun ownership. Now, the opposite will occur. Gun control advocates will intentionally use states like California as laboratories and will pass the most restrictive laws they can using their allies in state legislatures. They will do so knowing that the Supreme Court of the United States will uphold their law(s) when confronted with such a case. The new Supreme Court will rule continually that restrictions on the Second Amendment are reasonable in the name of public safety. Be ready; as soon as the first mass shooting following Hillary’s inauguration occurs, a very Liberal state will pass a ban on handgun ownership. And so it will begin. And when, years later, that law is ruled Constitutional it will be the fault of Trump supporters. If it wasn’t so scary and sad, it would be hysterical. Beyond guns, the coal industry will be further decimated, our power bills will skyrocket, Obamacare, a complete failure and threat to our well-being, will be expanded to further Government control, and our deficit will explode with “free” goodies that are not free at all. And that’s just in 2017.

Donald Trump was never a real, legitimate candidate for president. The temper tantrum thrown by his supporters (and those who stayed home and fractured their vote) will have devastating repercussions for decades to come, regardless of how long the Hillary administration lasts. And on that point, where is the person who is going to effectively challenge her in 4 years? Good luck finding that needle in the haystack that used to be the Republican Party.

For those of you who share my view that America works best when power is divided and shifts regularly, I have a silver lining. For those of you who, like me, wanted a legitimate Republican candidate to be elected so that much of the last 8 years could be slowed or, where necessary, turned around and reversed, I have some good news and it comes with more irony. Be glad that the modern day Democratic Party is so corrupt that it provably rigged its primary process to ensure that Hillary was the candidate. If they hadn’t, we’d be less than a month away from President Bernie Sanders and a full tilt towards Socialism.

Donald Trump is not going to win. A write-in candidate is not going to win. A Third Party candidate is not going to win. President Hillary is nigh. Get used to it.

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