Pot Stickers, Anyone?

The short answers to your questions are: Yes, you should be terrified and no, there isn’t anything you can do about it.

I’ve spoken and written many times about the book entitled “2034,” authored by two veterans, including an Admiral, which spells out in chillingly realistic ways, how World War III will come to pass at the hands of China’s meticulous planning, plotting, and execution. I’ve read the book twice, and while some of its’ plot twists, particularly as it relates to how the war plays out, are questionable, it should be required reading for every American. In fact, the only problem I have with the book is its’ title. 2034 seems unrealistically far away for such a scenario to occur. Perhaps 2028 or 2026 would be a more likely timeline.

I’ve said for decades that the ignorance, arrogance, and apathy of Americans will be what ends our reign as the greatest nation on Earth and it is playing out before our very eyes right now. We, the American people, not our alleged “leaders,” are to blame for the terrifying reality we now live in. And let’s start with that; the overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea what is happening, and if you were to tell them most would wave their hand dismissively and say something arrogantly ignorant like “Eh, those (insert racial slur here) ain’t nothing compared to us. We’ll just Hiroshima them and it will all be over.”

After decades of literally financing China by insisting on buying almost everything we own from them, China is close to its’ generations-long plan of becoming the world’s newest, and only, superpower. To be clear, I’m not talking about China owning America’s debt, because that is a fallacy repeated by dumbasses. Of the $28 trillion America is in debt, $22 trillion of it is owned by us, the American people. We’ve only received $6 trillion from foreign countries, and China isn’t even the largest holder of the debt of the United States, Japan is. I’m speaking specifically of us; the American consumer, and our needs and insistence on owning the best of the best at the lowest possible price, all of which comes from China, either directly or indirectly.

If they aren’t literally manufacturing the product you’re buying in Mainland China, they are providing the chips, parts, and internal infrastructure needed to make almost everything you own. Yes, even if it says “Made in the USA,” it almost certainly has China’s fingerprints all over it. The old joke about Chinese goods being of low quality is long since untrue, and even people who try to claim that “no, everything isn’t made in China,” can’t make believable arguments. In fact, China has launched a national policy to become the world’s supplier of almost everything by 2025…and there’s no indication that they will fail.

Bear in mind that no company exists independently in China; all forms of commerce there exist to fund the Communist Party that controls the country. As more of the world has outsourced almost all of its needs to China, we have created an economic behemoth that has plunged hundreds of billions of dollars into defense spending…and that’s just what they admit to. Many estimates claim that China is actually spending as much as the United States on their military, and just lying to the world about it. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it well, as the world has seen the last few weeks.

To be crystal clear; China is not some thriving, hyper-successful economic titan; quite the opposite, which is what makes them so dangerous. They are teetering on the brink and have learned from history that pre-emptive offenses often win the day. It’s beyond obvious that they are preparing for something and that we have no idea what, exactly, it is, or what we’ll do about it.

China has solidified a rock-solid alliance with Russia and Iran and all indications are that Pakistan is next. That’s a terrifying axis of evil armed to the teeth. It is no secret that America’s largest corporations and institutions are being hacked at will by China, and last week it was confirmed that China recently tested a hypersonic weapon system we had no idea they were so far along with in terms of development and deployment. While the U.S. already possesses hypersonic weapons, China is kicking our ass in space, deploying endless satellites designed specifically to knock out all of our abilities to monitor and launch counter-offensives in the event of an attack. And all of this is what we’re being told we know…imagine what the U.S. government isn’t telling us, and worse, imagine what they themselves don’t know. The most likely next course of action is China invading Taiwan and daring the world, most notably the U.S. to do something about it. From there, who knows? Perhaps China unleashes its’ massive and deadly submarine fleet; a force so powerful we don’t even know how many subs they have nor how close to America they can get (or already have gotten).

In the meantime, with China now financing Iran, the world’s leader in terrorism, and with all indications being that China is about to occupy Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan…a base mind you, built with your tax dollars by the best military on the planet, it’s easily conceivable that terror attacks on U.S. interests will increase exponentially as a way to slowly cripple us, while also misdirecting our anger on the Middle East and away from China.

So…what to do? Absolutely nothing. Oh sure, you can rally your friends and family and decide that you’re going to vote in as many Republicans as possible to the congress and White House, knowing that they will be as tough as possible on China and will throw as much money as they can at the U.S. military. Doing so, of course, will simultaneously embolden and strengthen Saudi Arabia, not to mention whatever social issues you may care about and not agree with conservatives on. Not to mention, there’s no guarantee that anything can stop what seems inevitable and has been caused by this nation’s choices over the last many decades.

I suppose you could start the doomsday prepping garbage, but I still don’t understand why anyone would want to survive and then live in a world that had required you to escape to an underground panic room and eat canned food for months before emerging to hell on Earth.

You could go buy a ton of guns, which you’ll ultimately wind up using on fellow Americans who will turn on one another instantly and begin purging their way to destruction. Personally, if we get to that point, my guns are meant to put my animals and wife out of their misery before joining them.

Yes, this does all sound very apocalyptic and it probably won’t happen, but it certainly is plausible. After all, we have had two world wars already, one which ended with atomic bombs…and we have 8 decades of technological advancements since then to terrify us.


But hey…the good news is that once they conquer us, we’ll finally find out the answer to the old joke about whether or not they call “Chinese food,” just “food” in China?!?!?!

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