Plant Based Cruelty To Animals

There are many legitimate reasons to despise the Human Race. In my opinion, none is more glaring than our innate and ruinous cruelty. It’s one thing when we destroy other humans simply for being, looking, or thinking differently than us; at least in that case we’re picking on our own kind. Nothing, however, is more despicable and loathsome than our chronic cruelty to animals.

I’m no vegan nor PETA member. I accept and understand that animals are amongst us to serve a variety of purposes ranging from companionship to being a food source. In neither of those or any of the cases in between must we be savagely barbaric, and yet we are, chronically, and the examples are endless.

  • Just because we’re going to eat them doesn’t mean that we must make their time on Earth insufferable.
  • Just because they’re here doesn’t mean they exist for our entertainment, especially when so much of it comes as a result of inflicting pain upon them.
  • Just because some of them will tolerate so much from us, doesn’t mean that we should take advantage and inflict unknowable levels of anguish.

We’re at that deplorable time of the year when hundreds of thousands of putrid humans will put their pets into Halloween costumes despite endless reams of evidence that doing so is beyond demeaning and abusive to your animals’ psyche. No matter…it’s just a dog (or cat), right?

At least in the Halloween example it’s hopefully only one day a year people are torturing their pets and destroying the bond of trust between human and animal. The newest trend is literally shortening pets’ lives and making those lives viciously awful for millions of American pets, all in the name of arrogance, ignorance, vanity, and just plain stupidity.

As the trend towards Veganism expands exponentially amongst humans for reasons ranging from health to animal cruelty, to climate change, more and more Americans are also converting their pets to vegan diets with devastating results. Results, which they ignore and/or justify in the name of junk science and human hubris.

You have every right to make whatever decision you want related to your own body and health. If you genuinely believe that an all plant-based diet makes you feel better, go for it; no one should tell you otherwise. If you genuinely believe that eating and/or killing animals is cruelty personified and you don’t want to be part of that process, feel free to check out. And if you insist that you can be part of saving a planet that doesn’t need to be saved by not eating meat, do it (just stop quoting junk science as a blunt instrument to tell the rest of us we have to stop eating meat as well lest we all burst into flames).

Only the human race could be so blindly and wildly arrogant and cruel as to then literally defy nature and begin converting their pets to plant based diets.

The fastest growing sector of the pet food industry is vegan pet food. Of course, the irony is that we know so little about the human body and so much more about the canine and feline body as a result of the fact that we have been testing animals and, specifically, dogs and cats, for decades in much more in depth ways than we have humans. While so much of what we claim to know about the human body is wrong and/or constantly changing, almost none of what we know about the canine and feline bodies has been refuted in decades, thanks to exponentially more research. And here’s what we know in a nutshell; feeding your pet a vegan diet will shorten their life span and make their time on earth immeasurably less pleasant. Dogs are omnivores and thrive at their highest levels on a combination on plant and animal-based protein. Cats, on the other hand, are obligate carnivores. This means that, while they can eat plants, cats cannot be healthy without a meat-based diet. None of this matters, of course, to the arrogant humans who utter idiotic phrases and/or literally lie as a defense mechanism.

Endless claims that dogs and cats can live on vegan diets come armed with zero proof. It’s all hypothetical. Meanwhile, the veterinary industry is riddled with endless cases of malnourished pets languishing through life or straight to death as a result of their human owners depriving them animal protein in the name of climate change or, more ironically, health (while killing them slowly and painfully).

I wake up every day expecting to be further disappointed by humans; ironically, they never let me down.

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