Back at base camp, Maestro and Scout strike a pose as the two worst crime fighters of all-time. It’s Maestro and his sidekick Scout!

Our Dogs Are Gay

There’s a lot going on right now; Puerto Rico has been devastated (how’s the Despacito guy BTW), North Korea is threatening to missile us, Trump has unveiled his tax plan (which sucks), the NFL anthem protests continue, OJ Simpson is a free man and on and on the list goes…so with all of that I thought I’d write a totally unrelated yet true Soapbox for the week.

While this topic may prove controversial to some, it is joyful to my fiancé Christina and me.

Many weeks ago I wrote about dispelling the myth of the two-male-dog household. We get call after call and email after email from people afraid to have two male dogs in the same house…I have shown such is nothing more than stupidity over the years. But now, we’ve taken it to a new level.
Earlier this year, Scout the black lab (all labs matter) arrived to become part of Williams Manor as Christina cleaned up her affairs in Dallas…the initial meeting between Scout and my two German Shepherds, Maestro and Nellie was an adventure. For 45 minutes Christina freaked out as I introduced the boys and in minute 46 they became best friends…and then more…and more…and more.

So today I come to you with this realization…Christina and I have accepted the fact that Maestro and Scout are in a gay love affair relationship.

Seriously…I have never seen two dogs, male or female, dote on one another like they do. Scout is clearly the submissive (bottom) of the two. Scout licks Maestro’s ears, gives him oral pedicures, and gives him his toys whenever Maestro asks. Meanwhile, Maestro allows Scout to use him as a pillow.


Well, to be fair, they actually rotate those duties


In the beginning, we Googled and asked our vet about their various behaviors…and in the end, we realized that as far as anyone can tell, these are the two most in love dogs ever. In history.


So, what’s the point of this Soapbox, you ask? To hopefully remind you that no matter how toxic the world and the news seems, there are still things in our daily lives that bring us joy; whether they be dogs, children, lovers, TV shows, or alcohol there’s a reason to not let what seems like the end of days to truly feel like such. If this message didn’t help, suck it…like Scout does to Maestro’s feet…

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