More Human Arrogance

More Human Arrogance

One thing is certain; there is truly no limit to the arrogance of The Human Race.

I suppose on some levels we have needed to embrace what we have long believed was/is our place in the world at the top of the food chain if, for no other reason, survival. Certainly, tales from centuries ago of various peoples believing creatures of the Earth were sacred or magical led to countless meaningless deaths, thus we needed to end that practice and assert ourselves as most dominant. Eat the damn Eagle if you must in order to survive!

But like with everything else, we have, of course, gone too far. Always demanding that we know EVERYTHING and that we must be the most important thing ever, we constantly overstate our importance, especially when it applies to things we truly know nothing about. Ironic isn’t? We quite literally can’t even begin to explain things like the origin of the universe, how and why species come and go and at what rate they do, and, of course, most noteworthy, our own bodies. Nothing is more comical than the endless array of contradictory “breakthroughs,” in the world of medicine and science which tell us absolutely nothing but demand that we change our behavior immediately for health reasons.

  • Salt raises blood pressure…oh wait, it doesn’t.
  • Coffee is good for you. It isn’t. Now it is. Only 3 cups per day. No wait, 8 cups per day. Now none
  • Eggs are bad for you. Eggs are good for you, but only the yolks. Eat eggs. Wait, we don’t know
  • Drink 2 glasses of wine per day. But only red wine. Don’t drink red wine, it causes cancer. Don’t drink at all. Drinkers live longer than anyone.
  • Red meat causes colon cancer. Red meat eaters live longer. Huh?
  • Exercise 5 days per week. Wait, only 3 days per week for 30 minutes per day. Wait, those who exercise die younger. Wait, sedentary people die younger.

It never, ever, ever stops. We truly know NOTHING and it is impossible for us to admit it!

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not suggesting that we not try to learn. I am merely pointing out that maybe it would be nice if we all stopped knee-jerking ourselves and our behavior at every single alleged “finding,” when we know very well that our findings have a long history of being found to be WRONG! Stop making dangerous and harmful policies to our very selves based on narrow-minded, unenlightened self-interest and ignorance.

Enter Los Angeles and Celebrity activists, a dangerous combination. Not content on destroying ourselves, we’re now going to take down the only species on Earth that can still truly tolerate us; our pets.

It has long been debated (debated, as in, not agreed upon) whether or not dogs are carnivores (flesh eaters) or omnivores (flesh and plants). Most scientists, nature observers and halfway intelligent numbskulls have realized that they are clearly carnivores at their core. Christ, even “holistic vets,” (which are fake) acknowledge that dogs are carnivores.

That, of course, is not OK with hippies who suck. Thus, A group of activists are trying to convince the Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services Commissioners to turn all of their shelter dogs vegan, replacing their regular dog kibble — which contains turkey, chicken, and lamb — with a “plant-based” formula. The idea is the brainchild of idiotic artist Moby and City Commissioner Roger Wolfson, who claims that he’s “researched” vegan diets for animals and that restricting dogs and cats to consuming only plant-based material “eliminates” certain behavioral and digestive issues. He also claims that the city of Los Angeles, in order to be truly considered progressive, needs to rethink the “”the ethics of feeding animals to animals.”

Note the last part for that’s where the little Easter Egg is truly hidden.

This is it, folks. We’ve reached one second to midnight on the countdown clock of humanity’s extinction due to stupidity. We have now elevated ourselves to overlord of deciding the ethics of animals eating animals.

Allow me to pause my TV in the background as it is distracting me. I was just watching a special on The National Geographic Channel about a herd of lions gathering leeks, sweet potatoes, and kale so they could whip up a lovely vegan based soup for their dinner. They borrowed the kale from their neighbors, the zebras, who were gnashing on some seaweed at the time.

Jesus jumped up Christ. Are we truly this low? This pathetic? This devoid of self-esteem? We must now intervene on a system that existed long before us (and thankfully will keep going long after us) in which nature doesn’t grapple with ethical quandaries about whether or not a wolf should kill a bunny for sustenance?

According to PetMD, and veterinarians consulted, the idea of feeding dogs only plants is “harmful and insane.” Dr. Jeremy Prupas said in his report to the LA commission that shelter dogs are often injured, undernourished and have special needs, and require their food to contain enough protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals to help them heal and thrive. PetMD is more blunt, claiming that it is “inappropriate” to feed a pet a diet that ultimately forces them “to eat something that it isn’t designed to handle.” Dogs and cats can’t manufacture some of their own nutrients like humans can. Denying them meat can lead to everything from cardiomyopathy to fatty liver disease.

But it’s more important to people like Moby that L.A. be “progressive” than that homeless shelter dogs be given proper nutrition, apparently. Bravo Moby and morons of like mind, you’re truly doing God’s work…and I mean that quite literally because you are playing God. Your arrogance has taken you to previously unknown stratospheres as you now decide what is right and wrong within the animal kingdom while sickening and killing countless animals in the process. Bless you, Moby, bless you all, for you are truly gifted.

I can only hope that the afterlife does exist and that it is run by dogs and that they will make Moby and the ignoramuses like him spend an eternity being eaten piece-by-piece by a pack of wild dogs using olive forks consuming only 1 square inch of flesh per day for all of time.

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